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Blogging must be genetic; maybe quilting will be too

My daughter heard about my recent blogging and decided she had to get involved in writing her own. Like mother, like daughter, so the saying goes. We seem to have a lot more in common than I ever realized. We both journal. We both like to read. We recently discussed books and both like historical British romances with Jane Austen being our favorite author and Pride & Prejudice our favorite novel. I hope I haven't over-exaggerated that statement too much. Of course, she likes the newer movie version with Keira Knightley, while I prefer the one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Then, we both are plagued with OCD - we organize, make lists, ruminate (over-anaylze as my daughter would say), and just plain obsess about any and everything that goes on in our lives.

She vowed as a teenager she would never learn to sew, much less quilt. Then, she got into quilting a few years ago to prove that projects can be finished. There's a whole other UFO, I mean story, to go along with that comment but that will have to wait for another blog. I mean, where would quilters be without UFO's? She also stitched a couple of other quilts since then, but her life became far to hectic for sewing with two jobs, college classes and her social networking. Besides, when she moved 40 miles away, she no longer had the luxury of using my Bernina and the circa 1980 Singer I passed on to her was hard to use after meeting my computerized version. Maybe she'll be bitten by the quilt bug again, but I'd really just settle for a grandchild; which would definitley leave no time for my daughter's blog or sewing. But, it would give me another occasion to make a quilt.

Published Fri, Jul 29 2011 9:06 PM by Pamela

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