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There's always an occasion for a quilt

I cannot get a handle on my UFO's. Everytime I cross one off the list - yes, there is an actual list - two more get written down. For the last two years, I've made it a goal to only finish UFO's and not buy any new fabric. Not a goal like a New Year's Resolution, because I know I will never stick to it. There's always another quilt that has to be made and that quilt will need fabric that I don't have. I recently found out that I am expecting my second grandchild. There's another occasion to start a quilt. I also divide my UFO list into categories: patterns, patterns with all the fabric, fabric collections with no pattern, partially completed projects, pieced quilt tops, projects that I'm quilting - hand and machine - and quilt tops that just need binding or a label. Without a list, some of my UFO's have been forgotten, buried at the bottom of a tub or drawer. At least once a year, I pull out the list and make updates. And then, I set a new goal to only finish UFO's and not buy any new fabric.

How do you track your quilt projects?

Published Thu, Jul 28 2011 7:54 PM by Pamela