Modern Sunbonnet Sue's Musings

Musings from the mind of a modern day Sue:
Today's quilting project

Today, I didn't cut or sew or press any fabric. I didn't applique or stitch binding. Generally, everyday I do something with a thread and needle. Today, I logged onto the internet and went to QCA for the first time since I joined last Fall. I wanted to work on a quilt block, but it was too nice outside, so I went for a walk. I also sent an email indicating my intent to enter my Challenge quilt into the NQA SewBatik fabric challenge. I plan to attend the show again this year. My quilt just needs the final quilting, binding and embellishing. It will easily be done by the time I need to mail it. I continue to work on Honeybee blocks for a quilt I plan to give to my daughter as a wedding gift. The bridal shower is this week-end. I also plan to attend a local quilt show. As you can see, I have many quilt related activities going on in my life.

Published Wed, Apr 13 2011 8:56 PM by Pamela