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The correct needle

I have finally gotten my quilt on the quilt frame.  A couple of things I question.  I am having trouble finding the right needle. I have tried a couple.  The fine needles bend too much and the thicker one doesn't bend, but has too big an eye to suit me.   I know someone suggest both betweens & (of course) quilting needles.  If I can't find either needle, what is the best "generic" type needle to use.  

Also,  I can't seem to keep the tension on my quilting frame.  The sides are just a short block that ties to the frame.  I have tightened the rollers as tight as I thought I could.  I have tightened the sides once.  Am I supposed to constantly tighten both the rollers and the sides"


More Work in Progress.....

I finally finished piecing my quilt top, pinned the batting to the top and cut out the backing.  I decided to hand quilt since I already had a nice frame that hubby got me for Christmas several years ago.  Got top/batting and backing on their rolls on the frame.  Started quilting and am still on the first center flower.  

I do find the quilting peaceful (pieceful) and almost hypnotic.  Still haven't perfected posture, the handeling of the needle and size of stich.  Lots still to go and I will have time to learn.  After all, it is my first quilt.  

It is very important to me to use this quilt as a lesson(s).  I am learning not to be afraid to keep going even if my task seems almost too difficult.  I am learning patience.  I am learning I don't have to be perfect.

This quilt is symbolic of conquering fears, that is why it is so important to me.

Work in Progress

Almost done with the blocks for my quilt.  Just have a couple of seams to finish the 9-patch blocks.  Next is to measure all the blocks, as suggested, to make sure size is what it should be.  Then "frames" for the blocks.  Don't think frames is the correct word, oh well.  

Right now, have a migraine, having a little trouble concentrating.  This is the second migraine this week.  Haven't had more that 3 or 4 in the past 4 years.  Used to be connected to stress a lot.  Don't know the cause.  Gotta quit for now.  Vision is screwed.

Pictures Finally

Checked some files & saw there were some uploading issues yesterday.  This is the quilt I am currently working on

Novice Quilter

I am a novice quilter.  Am working on my second quilt.  The first quilt was not completed.  Was made of flannel I bought a couple of years before starting the project.  When I cut the strips, it was short a couple of strips per color, so I bought some more flannel to complete the size of quilt I wanted.  Cat messed on quilt in progress, so I had to wash it.  Almost all of the added flannel shredded on the edges causing the quilt to fall apart (had 3 of 5 columns put together).  I put that one away for another day when I have heart to take it apart and make something smaller.

I started my second quilt 2 or three months ago.  Going is slow.  It is quite pretty and look forward to finishing putting it together.  5" squares & 1/2" strips to frame the blocks.  Will be 5 blocks wide and 5 blocks long.  Thinking about putting 2 or 3 pieces of edging around it rather than the one the pattern calls for.  I have plenty of extra fabric.  

My biggest challenge, so far, is matching the corners of the squares.