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The correct needle

I have finally gotten my quilt on the quilt frame.  A couple of things I question.  I am having trouble finding the right needle. I have tried a couple.  The fine needles bend too much and the thicker one doesn't bend, but has too big an eye to suit me.   I know someone suggest both betweens & (of course) quilting needles.  If I can't find either needle, what is the best "generic" type needle to use.  

Also,  I can't seem to keep the tension on my quilting frame.  The sides are just a short block that ties to the frame.  I have tightened the rollers as tight as I thought I could.  I have tightened the sides once.  Am I supposed to constantly tighten both the rollers and the sides"



gini said:

betweens or quilting needles are the best because they don't bend. you should be able to find them anywhere.   some of the betweens bend, so you need to try them out til you find a brand that works for you.

  you don't want  a lot of tension on the qult in the frame.   there should be a lot of give so you can easily manipulate the needle.   just make sure there are no puckers in the backing fabric underneath the frame.      

# April 9, 2011 12:09 PM

gini said:

here are three books i like as resources for hand quilting

that perfect stitch, mcelroy

perfect hand quilting. newman

loving stitches a guide to fine hand quilting, kimball

 i also like kimballs applique patterns.      gini

# April 10, 2011 2:43 PM