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More Work in Progress.....

I finally finished piecing my quilt top, pinned the batting to the top and cut out the backing.  I decided to hand quilt since I already had a nice frame that hubby got me for Christmas several years ago.  Got top/batting and backing on their rolls on the frame.  Started quilting and am still on the first center flower.  

I do find the quilting peaceful (pieceful) and almost hypnotic.  Still haven't perfected posture, the handeling of the needle and size of stich.  Lots still to go and I will have time to learn.  After all, it is my first quilt.  

It is very important to me to use this quilt as a lesson(s).  I am learning not to be afraid to keep going even if my task seems almost too difficult.  I am learning patience.  I am learning I don't have to be perfect.

This quilt is symbolic of conquering fears, that is why it is so important to me.