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June 2013 - Posts

This year the state quilt show was held in beautiful Duluth, Minnesota, on the shore of Lake Superior.  I drove up with three friends from our local guild.  We spent the morning going through the amazing exhibits and the afternoon visiting the vendors before heading back home.  I've shared below pictures of the quilts that particularly tickled my fancy.  Maybe you'll see a design, a quilting motif, or a fabric that will inspire you.

For each picture, I have placed the information card before the picture of the quilt so that you can see who created each masterpiece.  I've started with the nonjudged quilts, so you'll have to scroll further down for the real show-stoppers!


I was impressed with this one because I think even I could do it.  The quilting is simple, but effective!

This is a great quilt idea for a teenage boy.  It's a QST kaleidoscope, easier than a 6-piece, and the fabric is fun!

I love this cheerful quilt!  I don't know why it wasn't entered into the judged category.  Nice quilting, too.

Can you tell that inside each 3-D tent is a unique scene?

We're getting into some photo art quilts here.  Again, how come they are not in the judged category?

She said she will never do another one?  Gini, I hope you don't feel that way after creating your fine photo art quilt.

Since I just cut a lot of my scraps into 4 1/2 inch squares, this is the kind of scrappy I should think about sewing.

I'm excited that these two designers from Glad Creations are coming to speak to our guild next October!

Although this is designed to look like a post card with a message and an address on the reverse side, it is not a quilted post card.  This is much larger.

I recognized this pattern as one I have seen several of you do here on QCA.

Good example of embellishing with thread.

This quilt made me think of Thea.

Do you see that it is a deer?  When we were standing directly in front of it, it wasn't so obvious.

I thought this was a unique way to use a panel.

It was fun to spy some unexpected details on this quilt.

Once again, I don't understand why some of these quilts weren't entered in the competition.  Wow!

Okay, so now we're coming into the modern quilts - still unjudged.  They sure had fun making the letters of this banner!

This reminded me of that fancy door quilt the gentleman on QCA was making.  What was his name?

I like the water background of this.

This is for those of you who enjoy hand embroidery.

Postcards for Sukochi!  I especially liked this one...

I've seen one of these color challenges before.  Notice the colored line that goes from quilt to quilt to quilt.

A close-up of one of them...

I LOVE this challenge!  I wonder if members of my guild would be brave enough to try this.

Here's another interesting challenge....

Apparently, some people don't read the information cards.  I heard several members of the undercover quilt police making comments on this quilt not being square.  Did they not see the phrase "free form"?? 

Such fun details in this one!

FINALLY, we found the judged quilts.  Wouldn't you know my camera battery called it quits right then, so the rest of these are from my phone camera, and it doesn't handle low light as well.  You will likely see more motion blur on these.  Sorry.

I've just learned how to sew hexagons, so I was especially excited about this quilt.

This was wool applique onto a cotton backing.

What a simple idea and look how beautiful it turned out!

Some more hand embroidery.  We just started a hand embroidery sub-group in the guild, so the embroidered quilts caught my eye.

Very cute!

Completely hand painted.  Sorry the picture quality is so poor.  Look at this close-up!


Another challenge! I'm going to enter one of these next year!


The detail in this quilt was amazing and really gave it a 3D effect.  Unfortunately my close-up of the squirrel's fur is blurry.

I'm glad my friend was standing right in front of this so you could see the scale of it.  Notice the use of squares in squares.

Another quilt with amazing dimensional details!

Thanks for viewing the show with me.  Truly, that was only about one fourth of the quilts.  We did spend our last two hours in Duluth visiting the vendors, and I picked up a few goodies.