Nancy's Beginnings

Here I will document experiences in my new world of quilting.

July 2010 - Posts

At the MN Quilt Show, I had the opportunity to take an all-day applique class from Beth Ferrier.  She was a hoot!  Using wash-away applique sheets, we learned how to do machine applique that looks like needle-turn (if you don't look too closely).  Being someone who H-A-T-E-S any hand-sewing, this was the technique for me!

Here is Beth showing us one of her beautiful quilts.

Even with an over-full class, Beth found time to give each of us individual attention.

She was so talented, so helpful, and SO FUNNY!

By the end of the class, we had only completed one flower and two leaves.

Working at my usual break-neck speed at home (said tongue-in-cheek), one month later I have the 18-inch block done.  I decided to make a small wall-hanging instead of a pillow or one-block of a larger project.  I have a new appreciation of how much work goes into full--size applique quilts!  My flowers are 3 shades of purple - not blue as they appear here.

A close up.  I used some decorative stitching on the edges of the orange ribbon, but Beth's technique calls for invisible thread on the edges of the applique.

This project also gave me a chance to try my new Zip Bind system (Martelli) which I had purchased in the vendor area.  This is the front showing the stitch-in-the-ditch along the binding.

On the back side, the stitching picks up the very edge of the binding.  I think I could have hand-sewn this binding in the time it took me to figure out the system.  The sales person was very good at it - a slick sales job!  Still, I think I'll stay with it because i don't like hand sewing.