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June 2010 - Posts

The Minnesota Quilt Show rotates its location between 4 cities in the state.  Four years ago when it was held in St. Cloud, the location closest to my home, I attended just for something to do on a Saturday afternoon.  I fell in love with the projects I saw.  I vowed then and there that I would learn to quilt.  Four years later, I was excited when the show returned to St. Cloud so that I could take classes to get better at my new pastime.  With a few quilts under my belt, I examined the quilts in the exhibit hall with a new eye for detail.

Come join me on a virtual tour of the Minnesota Quilt Show.  There were hundreds of quilts to see.  Here are the ones that most tickled my fancy.

Oh my gosh, those blocks are all hand-appliqued.  It's a garden scene.  Vegetables in the upper left. Flowers along the right side.  An apple tree in the lower left.  Here's a close-up...

Because I'm just learning applique, my eye was drawn to fine examples.  This one had beautiful embroidered details as seen in the closeup.

I'd like to do a log cabin quilt some day.  The colors in this one are striking!

A group of friends made this together, each gal creating her own "Pretty in Pink" block.  Their names are stitched on the hearts.  Fun idea!

These are the same Elisa Wilson curved pieces that I'm currently working on in batiks.  This clever person chose great fabrics to create a scene with those curves.

Another attractive applique.  I like how the picture's elements extend into the border.

Someone enjoyed making baskets!

Aprons sure are popular these days.  I saw several quilts along this line.

Funky chickens!  This could be another fun group project.

Because St. Cloud is known as the "Granite City," the challenge project for this year involved using fabrics with stone patterns.  This quilt was an exceptional entry in the challenge category with many 3-D effects.  Close-ups follow...

This jacket was another challenge entry.  Notice the "rocky" elements on the back!

I thought this challenge quilt was striking in its simplicity.

This long, thin wall hanging proves that quilts don't have to be large to be beautiful!

Sampler quilts don't get much larger than this.

I love the simplicity of the leaves and the gradations of blue in the background.

Both the applique and the quilting were exceptional on this quilt.  Detail below.

I should have asked someone to stand in front of this as I snapped the picture to illustrate the scale.  The little boy is humongous!  Can you imagine the grandson's delight to see himself larger than life with all his favorite things around him.  The textures don't show well either.  The elephant and Maurice Sendak's "Wild Things" are made of chenille.

I love batiks!

This one was pieced in wool with many hand-embroidered details.

So many beautiful quilts!  I could go on and on....


(Next up - pictures from my applique class.)

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