I haven't posted in a while, because, as you can see, I've been "taken" by a little boy named Landen!!  He was born Friday, August, 27th, which happens to be my birthday!!  What a special gift that was!!  You see, last year, both my mama and my daddy passed away about 6 1/2 months apart.  Needless to say, it was a devastating year for me and my family.  My son and his wife announced to us early in  January that they were having a baby, and, of course, I couldn't contain my excitement!  So, for all the months that lay ahead, all I could was think of how God had turned my mourning into gladness by replacing death with life.  Of course, He is in the business of doing that!!!  Anyway, for me, He went one step further, by giving me the gift of being able to celebrate our birthdays together for many, many years to come.  I am totally in love with the little fellow                                                                                                                       !  


A picture of my son, Jeremy, with his son, Landen.  Reminds me of our Heavenly Father's love for us.  He has us wrapped up, safe and secure, in His loving arms!


Here is Landen with his beautiful mama.  Nothing like the bond between a mother and her son!


Here is Landen with his big sister, Breanna.  She is like a second mama to him!!  


Sleeping away in mama's arms!!


Cuddling and watching Georgia stink it up with Uncle Lucas, my youngest son.  He and his wife came in from Ft. Worth, TX. Labor Day weekend to meet Landen for the first time.


Aunt Courtney, Lucas' wife, holding Landen and admiring how precious he is!!


Papa Mike with his big boy!!  Can't wait to take him fishing!!


This is me, Shug, getting some of that sweet baby sugar!!!  Love magnified 1,000x1,000 times!!!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!


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Finally finished my grandbaby's quilt!  Made with alternating minkee blocks and pinwheel blocks with monkeys on the pinwheels.  The backing is polka dot minkee fabric.  I quilted it with big overall loops on outside border and minkee blocks, smaller loops on inside border, and monkey tails on the pinwheel blocks!  I mulled over how I wanted to quilt the pinwheel blocks for a day or two, then in the middle of the night, I thought of skinny swirl pattern going in opposite directions of each turn on the pinwheel.  After I had quilted the first two rows, I realized they looked just like little monkey tails!!!  Not perfect, but I thought they turned out cute!!!  Here's some pictures of the quilt:



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I finished the baby quilt with the minkee backing and it turned out to be a beautiful little quilt.  The hardest part to me was pinning the minkee onto the leaders because that's when it wanted to really stretch.  Once I got the backing on, and everything else loaded, I said a little prayer, and away I went!!  Absolutely no problems, whatsoever!!  I really like the way it sewed, too.  I never had to adjust my tension, or make any other adjustments in the course of quilting the quilt.  Everytime I would get through with one turn, I would grab my flashlight and lay on the floor to admire the beautiful straight backing!!!  (I was keeping my sick granddaughter, and she would lie down on the floor with me and admire the handiwork!!)  I was so surprised that there was absolutely no puckering whatsoever.  Here are a few pictures of the quilt.  I did overall loops and I think it turned out great.  My friend was very happy when she came to pick it up. 

This is a close up picture of the front of the quilt.  Made out of pastel Batiks.  My friend did a great job, didn't she?

Overall shot of the front of the quilt.

The dimples minkee fabric!!  I still can't believe there were no puckers!!

Overall picture of the backing.  I know that Sheila's daughter will be so happy when she presents her with this pretty little quilt.  Thank you to those of you who gave me some very good advice and wonderful words of encouragement!!!  Now I'm ready to tackle one for my grandson who is due the first of September!!!

I just finished the top to my niece's quilt.  I made it out of the Patisserie line of fabric from Fig Tree Quilts.  I love this fabric, but was very disappointed when I got finished with the top, that I couldn't find any more of the line in yardages in the quilt shops.  So I did an extensive online search and finally found the backing and the binding fabric in the same line, but had to use muslin for my borders.  Not sure how that is going to work, but when I get it on my new longarm quilting machine, I'll find out.  The look of the finished top turned out to be a pretty little quilt, but, as they say, "quilting makes the quilt"!!! 

Speaking of my longarm machine, I have been anxiously awaiting the new show "Quilt It" on QNNTV.com.  Does anyone know when it is going to air? 

Here is the finished top for my niece!  I thought it turned out to be a pretty little quilt! 


This is the finished product.  I think it turned out great.  And my niece loved it!!

A close up of the quilted loops and hearts on the border.  I did an overall loops and hearts pattern on the quilt. 

This is the label on the back of the quilt.  That is a picture of my sweet mama and my niece!  Mama died in October of 2009.  This quilt was grieving therapy for me. 



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  I just purchased a longarm quilting machine.  An HQ16, to be exact.  In January.  I have always dreamed of owning one, but never thought I would be able to afford it.  But, when the opportunity arose, I grabbed hold and dove in with both feet!!  I have had a few lessons on it and am beginning to feel a little more comfortable with it, but I am far from the point where I would even attempt to quilt a quilt for someone else.  Right now I am working on a quilt for my niece, Meesha, and can't wait to put that beauty on my machine and quilt away!  I will post pictures when it is completed.  Maybe!!!  If it is picture worthy!  My goal is to, when I retire, (in four years) to get the point of taking in others' quilts and quilting them and maybe earning a little money, on the side.  We'll see. 

My husband and I are about to have our first grandbaby!!!  We can't wait!  I am looking forward to making quilts for it, too.  Don't know what it is yet, but we are suppose to know in about 3 weeks.  We already have a beautiful granddaughter, who is 12 years old and in the 7th grade.  We are very proud of her!  She is a joy and has an infectious smile and the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen!  When her mom and our son got married, she was in the 2nd grade.  She was very interested in learning how to make quilts and to sew on the sewing machine.  So, we made several things...several tote bags and a small quilt.  For Christmas last year, I gave her a sewing machine, but she hasn't sewn on it yet!  I think she is older and much busier now than she was when she first came into our family!!  The newness has worn off.  I'm just praying that one day, she will show an interest again. 


This is a picture of me, my sweet mama, my two daughters-in-law, and precious Breanna. 

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