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Indy and I sat on Santa's Lap!
Fri, Dec 28 2012 9:43 AM

Normally Christmas is a lonely day for me. Having sons they usually go to their spouse's parents for Christmas. They come to see me a week or two later. So Christmas I usually sew and watch Christmas movies all day. Twenty years ago when the boys first went out on their own, I would cry all day and feel left out. But now it's just another normal day only I have Indy. How can I possibly cry when I have Indy? He's funny and makes me laugh.

This year I received an invitation from my Cuz Deb to go to her house and then to Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Jim's. Deb's children were there with their children. Uncle Jim's brother's were there with their children and grandchildren. Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Jim have a log home in the middle of the makes you think of the the song "Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house....." As soon as I took Indy's coat off, he was in seventh heaven having so many people he thought was going to feed him. I announced don't anyone feed that dog! But he got a lot of crumbs off the floor from the little kids.  All of a sudden we heard some weird sound and in came "Miss Spitunia" dressed in Christmas attire instead of her usual flowery garb. She had a large bag and a large book and called all the children around. Indy rushed over too and sat to watch the puppet show and listen to the story.  When the show was over they sang some Christmas songs.

Just as the singing was done, there was the sound of sleigh bells. Now just who do you think that could be? Indy wasn't too sure about the sound of sleigh bells and came running for my lap. And when that man in the red suit with the big white beard saying "HO HO HO' came in, all the children ran around him. Indy just looked at me in wonder. Santa came in and sat in his chair and all the kids gathered around. Indy thought there might be something to this. So he got on the floor but stayed close to me just in case.

 There were just too much confusion for him....all those kids, paper flying, parents looking to see what their kids got from Santa, Cuz Deb trying to pick up paper. When things quieted down, to my surprise everyone started getting their pictures taken with Santa including Indy and me!!!!   I can't wait till I get that photo. I haven't had my picture taken with Santa since I was about 4 years old. It was at Leonard's Department Store in Ft. Worth, TX. Daddy was stationed in the Air Force there. Mom worked at the store. But it was Daddy who took me to see Santa. Funny I can still remember that like it was yesterday.

After having our photo taken with Santa, Indy decided he wasn't such a bad guy afterall. So he hung around Santa for a while, but since he couldn't find any crumbs he moved on to the kitchen. Everyone just adored my Indy and Indy just adored all the attention. He loved playing with the kids.

As for me, it's the best Christmas I've had in a very long time. Thank you Cuz Deb for inviting me.  Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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My Christmas Tree, Santas & Snowmen
Tue, Dec 18 2012 11:50 AM

There is a thread going around where everyone is showing off their beautiful Christmas trees. They are really, really beautiful. I haven't had a large tree since 2000 and do I ever miss it! I also miss having a live pine tree, but allergies ruined that one. So now I have my little 4-1/2 foot tree with ornaments that are almost as big as the tree. It is pretty tho. My favorite is the crocheted angel at the top that I found at a craft show. She is so beautiful. The pictures don't show her well. So here are pictures of the tree.

Notice how large most of the ornaments are on the tree?

Next come the Santas....#1 is sitting by the tree. It is made from a real log. I only unpacked the small Santas this year. The big ones are old and in need of some repair. Here are the small Santas.

Don't you just love Mr & Mrs Santa on the Harley? A couple friends who are bikers gave that to me when I was in rehab. I have other biker friends who would like one like it. I have searched the web and cannot find one even close to it.

OK onto my favorites...Luv Snowmen!!! I'm so proud of myself. I haven't bought a new one this year, but winter isn't over yet. So on with the show!!!

I really love my snowmen because I mostly bought them myself that way I got the ones I wanted. But don't be surprised if I don't buy one or two or sneak the one out of my doctor's office when she isn't looking. I haven't even included the snowmen on kitchen linens.

So until next Christmas when I've added to the collection, you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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