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Things I'm Thankful For
Mon, Nov 19 2012 6:18 PM

Here we are almost Thanksgiving again. Another year almost gone. I should be making plans to leave for Arizona; but no plans this year. I'm going to see my first winter in 12 years. The doctor says no traveling alone especially going thru Chicago Union Station. Well, that has been a nightmare every year coming and going. The service gets worse each year and I file a complaint each year and nothing happens. I told the doctor I wouldn't be traveling alone anymore, Indy is now a service dog and can travel with me. For some reason the doctor did not see that as a solution, but compounding the problem.

Instead of my problems, let me think of the things I'm thankful for this past year....

1. Indy got his therapy/service badge. woohoo! He loves when his backpack comes out because he knows he's got a job to do. He needs more experience but he a quick learner. Indy has only been with me since March.

2. I'm still on this side of the grass in spite of the 6 falls, hemorraged vocal chords, 2 clogged arteries (cannot operate because I'm a surgical risk)

3. Found my 3 brothers of Daddy's second marriage and met 2 of them. One lives in CA and  turns out one of them lives about one hour from me. I've seen him several times. The third brother lives in the Ozarks but have not met him yet.

4. I love my home with my raised veggie garden area and flower beds.

5. Brother Rick and wife Susan came down for a week in July.  And I'm almost done sewing the binding on the round robin quilt I made for them. They saw the center square when they were here and loved it. The girls did a great job finishing the borders.

6. I love the Lord, Jesus my Savior. If it weren't for my faith, I would not be here today. So I pray today for all who are lost and not found, for those who have problems due to the economy or recent disasters, and for those with chronic health problems, with cancer, and other such diseases. Dear Lord, hold them in your comforting arms today and everyday and give them peace and may your will be done. Amen,

I'm thankful for my QCA friends too. Thank you for being there for me. Love you quilty friends. Hugs. Linda

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