Elaine's Poem

Published Tue, Oct 30 2012 12:52 PM

I've been sorting and sorting. Last evening I found this poem that my dear friend Elaine Waite wrote for me in March 2008. I would like to share with you. She did not title the poem.


Mourning tears called on the Lord.

Save her! Restore!

Let her live, she loves you!

She has many quilts to do!

Bless her days, comfort the nights

Bring her back from death's sight.


You, oh Lord, are the One

Who gives life and the fun!

You gave to her a ready smile,

Red hair, and the strengh to walk that extra mile.

You gave her friends that encouraged, cooked, dressed, bathed, & shopped

And picked up things that she had dropped.


The fractures now slowly mend.

She endured the walker, now the cane.

Once in a while she forgets

she is lame!


Her residence, now in forclosure

a horrifying emotional stir;

You, Lord, not skipping a beat

Brought a realator with food feat!

He shopped around

Till he found

The perfect place

Not far away>>>

Thank you Lord for George, the realator,

and Barb,the nurse!

Our Linda is joyfully singing the verse

"Be glad in the Lord and rejoice!

Holy is your name.

And joyous are your servants.

Health, happiness is regained."


I haven't see my friend Elaine in a long time. But I would like to thank her for her beautiful words.  Elaine, I miss you where ever you are.

by Linda