Happy Memories

Published Fri, Oct 26 2012 7:47 AM

The other day I finally got my china cabinet fixed. I've been waiting since May when I got the new piece of glass in. I held my breath and prayed that I had measured properly. What a big sigh of relief as the glass slid right into place!! I quickly called my neighbor Jim and asked if he could go to my basement and bring up the boxes with my teapots and Grandma's dishes.I spent the rest of the day unpacking boxes and unpacking boxes. Gosh I didn't remember having this much, but then it's been ten long years since I've seen any of this. When I lived in Arizona I had no place to put any of it, so it stayed in storage for 10 long years.

After getting everything unpacked and not having any kitchen counterspace left, I realized that I did not have enough room for all of it. So I decided to keep the pieces that had special meaning to me and send the rest to my neice Shelby in Wisconsin. She has a Victorian home and loves all types of china. When I was up there last summer we had specifically talked about Grandma's dishes. Shelby said she would love to have some of it if I didn't want to keep it all. Well there are 3 large boxes on the way to her house as we speak. Won't she be surprised???  Turns out I only kept the teapots, the demitasse set, and glass basket and a few other things.... the things I remembered as a little girl when I would look into Grandma's china cabinet in wonder and awe. And now I'm looking into my own china cabinet in wonder and awe and memories of Grandma like it was yesterday. I can remember Grandma telling me on Sunday that I could get my teaset out. Oh how exciting, I could use my teaset!!! I felt so special and Grandma would always tell me when I grew up that teaset would be mine.  I've made a collage of some of my life's blessings for time's when I'm feeling down. It's now 2 pages long. I think I need to add my china cabinet. I've always had the wonderful memories with Grandma and Grandpa. It's good after our mourning, that we can remember all the good times.

After the disciples mourned the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, upon His resurrection they were able to stop mourning and remember His teachings. Then they could go on and spread the Gospel.  Amen.


by Linda