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Published Tue, Oct 16 2012 8:52 PM

I haven't written in such a long time. Words just quit coming. They still aren't really coming. I finally accepted what happened to me 5 years ago and all the pain and misery that has come with it. So now the words aren't coming and I'm just learning to deal with all the health issues the accident has created. The Lord God is here helping so I have nothing to fear.

Meanwhile life goes on. As some of you know in August, I hosted an Amish Country Retreat at the Berlin Grande Hotel. The hotel did a marveleous job providing everything we needed. The 9 of us had a wonderful time. Our 10th person couldn't come at the last minute because she took a nose dive down a flight of stairs. Happy to report she is fine except for some shoulder repair.

I am again hosting another Amish Country Retreat. Only this time we are using the Rural Thimble that is located behind Miller Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio. Without advertising, there are already 6 ladies signed up, which means we have room for 4 more, possibly 6. (The sofa opens up into a queen size bed.) And the retreat isn't until June 19-22, 2013! If you get a chance check it out at It is a beautiful facility. We "Buggy Babes" are very eager for June to arrive. Earlier today I've heard of a couple more possible attendees. This facility only holds 10, but if I check with the owners we might get in 12. I'm  amazed because I haven't promoted or advertised this retreat yet and we're are almost full! God is looking down on us. I'm already making plans.

This summer Indy and I worked very hard and he finally passed and got his therapy dog badge. His vest and badge are on order. The weekend of the retreat he went to boot camp and came home very tired!  He is so funny when I get his backpack or one of his new coats out. Indy shakes with excitement. He does so well when out on the "job". Most times I don't even have to give him a command. He knows exactly what to do. I am so very proud of him because he's come so far since March. The other evening I put on some chicken tenders to cook and forgot all about them. Indy came in and got my immediate attention and I followed him and discovered a smoky kitchen. Fortunately, the smoke alarms hadn't gone off and the food was still edible.

A new day is starting and I'm working on about 3 quilts at one time and personalizing bath towels for 5 of the 7 grandkids. Of course, Indy is right there in my chair he thinks!

Everyone have a happy quilty week. Hugs.

Linda.         PS. Check out my gallery to see Indy modeling his new coats.

by Linda
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