Indy is Back to Normal

Published Tue, Apr 24 2012 12:34 AM

Just realized that I haven't written a blog for quite some time. Actually I've been very busy taking care of Indy because he was very, very sick. Two weeks ago he was so lethargic that I thought I was loosing him. The little stinker had eaten some peanuts shell and all that the neighborhood squirrels left after robbing my birdfeeders. It had been raining, so Indy also had a helping of worms. Who knows what else he had eaten off the ground outside?!! Needless to say, Indy got very ill. By the end of the week, he had stopped eating and drinking. I was giving him water with a medicine syringe. The whole week I kept praying and asking God not to give me this wonderful bundle of joy and then take him away so soon.

Well, my friends, be careful what you ask for! Last week Indy has improved by leaps and bounds!! We was leaping and bounding all over the house. Playtime was makeup time for the week he was so sick. Indy would find one of his toys and run through the house with it like a little tasmanian devil. Sunday afternoon he had some of  that energy knocked out of him. Chris, the trainer, came and Indy ran for cover!

This week Indy is at school....the whole week. My house echos of quiet. No barking when someone rings the doorbell. No puppy jumping up on me when he wants to go outside. No puppy in my chair. No Indy in my face first thing in the morning.

Dear Heavenly Father, is it Friday evening yet? I miss my Indy sooo very much! How did I get attached to that little 4 legged fur ball so quickly? Thank you for bringing into my life and giving me so much joy. Singing praises to You. Amen.

. While Indy was sick I managed to make his quilt. As I finished each block, he would lift his head to give it a lick and attempt to wag his tail. I think that was his seal of approval. He had to take his blankey to school with him.

Is it Friday yet? Indy I miss you!!!!!!

NOTE: Received a call late this afternoon from Indy's trainer. Evidentally he is not completely over his illness. He became quite ill this afternoon and actually passed out.  So my Indy is on his way home this evening and I will be calling the vet to come to visit us in the morning again. I don't know what was in those peanuts/shells but they sure have made him seriously ill. My neighbor mentioned perhaps someone was putting poison in them to get rid of the squirrels. Worth mentioning to the vet.

by Linda
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