A Few Blogs Back...

Published Sun, Mar 18 2012 3:16 PM

A few blogs back was one titled "We make plans, God laughs". No truer words when you have an 18 month old rescue puppy who has had no training!! Indy has been with me 2 weeks and he has come a long way in those 2 weeks. However......God is rolling on the floor of heaven laughing out loud!! Any plans I've had to get projects done have totally gone down the tubes with my Indy around!!!

Everytime I think I'm going to sit down and sew the binding to my granddaughter's quilt and watch a movie in the process, a ball of fur lands in my lap! Next my face is showered with a little wet tongue...so are my glasses. Playtime...again! Throw toys and Indy runs and runs and runs. Maybe he will loose a couple pounds since he arrived a little chunky. Next he has found his tail in the past 2 days. It is hilarious watching him chase his tail. I'm laughing so hard that I can't take a photo of the action. It's even funnier when he stands still...or tries to!!

After 1 week, a light bulb went off and Indy figured out that he should do his business outside and not on mom's carpeting. He also realized if he went outside, he got a treat when he came inside. The little stinker also figured out he could go outside and fake it and he could get a treat. Ha! Ha! I caught onto that trick rather quickly. I know some other furry friends who tried that one!!!

Well, the joke is on Indy. Tomorrow he goes to obedience school for 3 days a week...that is 3 days and nights. Then he comes home for a week for me to work with him. The cycle continues until he graduates from obedience school. Indy will continue onto service dog training. Guess when I'm going to get my granddaughter's quilt done and watch a movie or two?? Of course, God may still be laughing at me. He may still have other plans for me. Hanna's birthday is Saturday, God.

This was the year that I was going to get a lot of UFOs done. So much for my plans. I came home from AZ with a bunch of other projects for church and friends. I also promised I would do more charity quilts this year. OK, I get the message. One of those projects (an embellished vest) is done and shipped. I heard she wore it to church last week. Today I finished my first Round Robin and I'm ready to mail to the next person on the list. The lesson here is I get things done for others, but not myself. I think it wise I follow God's plan for me.

Thank you Lord God for Your plan is better than mine.  Amen.


# Marcia King said on Monday, March 19, 2012 10:46 PM

Linda, clicked on your blog from Quilters club, and was hoping to be blessed by another quilter's blog.....sadly I'm unable to read it. The combination of the font colors and the busy photos behind the words is messing with my eyes. I'm sure your blog is a blessing, just wish I could read it. Blessings to you! Marcia

# Qwkslver said on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 9:40 AM

He looks so cute.  Sometimes the things we don't plan are better than the ones we do.  Enjoy.