March 2012 - Posts

Sat, Mar 31 2012 7:03 AM

I was talking to Barb, my caregiver, the other evening, and out of the blue she says she hears joy in my voice. Joy? Now that's something I haven't heard in a long time! Do I really have joy in my voice again? Could that little 4 legged ball of fur have anything to do with it? Indy sure has made me laugh these past few weeks. As he is settling in and beginning to explore his new home, he no longer wants me to  hold him all the time. He now likes playtime and is hilarious the way he finds his toys and tosses them about. If I get them away from him and throw them, he runs after them, grabs them, and then runs thru the house with them. It is so funny, because he looks to see if I'm chasing him.

He's gotten better when I leave the house too. One day while channel surfing, discovered he liked Mickey Mouse! He stopped in his tracks when he heard Mickey and just sat there and started watching.  So now I put Disney channel on when I'm leaving and he doesn't carry on as I'm walking out the door anymore. But he's always at the door when I get home and showering me with kisses and more than ready to go outside. Speaking of going outside...

Indy comes and paws at my arm when he needs to go out. When he is adamant about going out, he can paw quite insistently. I have abrasions on my arm to prove it!! The problem is when he gets outside, Indy looses focus and forgets why he wanted to go outside in the first place!!!! Yes, folks my puppy is a little busy body. Every little noise or movement he must investigate.  Next thing I find myself at the back door because he wants to go back in the house. Yet he still hasn't done his business!! Lately when we go back in, he has not gotten his treat and has found himself attached to the doorknob with a couple pee pee pads close at hand. At the moment, this morning he is not a happy camper!!!

We also have playtime first thing in the morning just before getting out of bed. He sleeps on his own pillow...remember the pillowcases in my gallery? The night before he likes to unmake my bed for me. While I'm straightening one side, he will unmake the other side! I just have to laugh at him! Last night he actually crawled under all the blankets and got himself caught. It was so funny watching him try to get out from under!! By this time tears are rolling down my face from laughing so hard! This morning he comes over and jumps on me for his belly rubs. Then he grabs one of his toys and is ready for a game of fetch. Oh, forgot to tell you, he sleeps with his toys. Indy doesn't settle down until he goes thru the house looking for all his toys and has them at the foot of the bed.

He's taking a morning nap and I see he brought in his lamb to nap with. Awwww! Guess I better get my breakfast so I have energy to play fetch when  he wakes up!! Yes, that little 4 legged ball of fur had brought joy back into my life. Think I'll keep him around a while.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."       Psalm 16:11

A Few Blogs Back...
Sun, Mar 18 2012 3:16 PM

A few blogs back was one titled "We make plans, God laughs". No truer words when you have an 18 month old rescue puppy who has had no training!! Indy has been with me 2 weeks and he has come a long way in those 2 weeks. However......God is rolling on the floor of heaven laughing out loud!! Any plans I've had to get projects done have totally gone down the tubes with my Indy around!!!

Everytime I think I'm going to sit down and sew the binding to my granddaughter's quilt and watch a movie in the process, a ball of fur lands in my lap! Next my face is showered with a little wet are my glasses. Playtime...again! Throw toys and Indy runs and runs and runs. Maybe he will loose a couple pounds since he arrived a little chunky. Next he has found his tail in the past 2 days. It is hilarious watching him chase his tail. I'm laughing so hard that I can't take a photo of the action. It's even funnier when he stands still...or tries to!!

After 1 week, a light bulb went off and Indy figured out that he should do his business outside and not on mom's carpeting. He also realized if he went outside, he got a treat when he came inside. The little stinker also figured out he could go outside and fake it and he could get a treat. Ha! Ha! I caught onto that trick rather quickly. I know some other furry friends who tried that one!!!

Well, the joke is on Indy. Tomorrow he goes to obedience school for 3 days a week...that is 3 days and nights. Then he comes home for a week for me to work with him. The cycle continues until he graduates from obedience school. Indy will continue onto service dog training. Guess when I'm going to get my granddaughter's quilt done and watch a movie or two?? Of course, God may still be laughing at me. He may still have other plans for me. Hanna's birthday is Saturday, God.

This was the year that I was going to get a lot of UFOs done. So much for my plans. I came home from AZ with a bunch of other projects for church and friends. I also promised I would do more charity quilts this year. OK, I get the message. One of those projects (an embellished vest) is done and shipped. I heard she wore it to church last week. Today I finished my first Round Robin and I'm ready to mail to the next person on the list. The lesson here is I get things done for others, but not myself. I think it wise I follow God's plan for me.

Thank you Lord God for Your plan is better than mine.  Amen.

Had a revelation the other day...
Thu, Mar 8 2012 8:50 PM

Had a revelation the other day...

When I was in Arizona, Jim and I were at the shopping center where my accident occurred. I had a post traumatic stress episode and just started sobbing and then got angry. I've been to the area several times since my accident and felt nervousness, but have never reacted like this before. Poor Jim had no clue as to what is going on, why is Linda sobbing like that, and then why is she yelling? Meanwhile, he's trying to get us out of there as quickly as possible. Did I mention that there was a Barrett Jackson event going on? Traffic was far heavier than normal and you didn't get anywhere quickly. By the time we got home, I had managed to calm down a bit, but I became extremely depressed...for 5 weeks...and terribly homesick.

At the same time, the adoption went thru for my rescue puppy, Indy. I emailed my doctor explaining what happened and telling him that I didn't understand my reaction. I also told him about Indy, because he had told me I should get a therapy dog about 2 years previously. His answer....about time, cute dog. What?? What kind of answer was that?

With other health issues cropping up and now a puppy to look forward to, I started talking myself out of the depression. Afterall, I had come this far in 4 years and I'm still on this side of the grass. So why quit now, right? Besides being depressed, was no way to live. I have grandchildren and a puppy to live for and 2 sons to aggrevate if I haven't done so enough already.

The other day I was in with my doctor and he asked me what am I angry at? My answer was the guy who hit me and the resulting injuries that are affecting my entire lifestyle and are creating ongoing problems. Then yesterday Pastor was visiting and he asked the same question...What or who am I angry at? I gave him the same answer. Then he asked but who am I really mad at? I told him I am not mad at God for letting this happen to me. Of course, Pastor  said that was a good Christian answer.

Here's the revelation...I'm angry at myself. Before I went into that shopping center, either God or his messenger angel was telling me to go straight home. Do not go into the shopping center. I heard it loud and clear and I ignored it! I ignored a message of God! Because I ignored that message I am now paying the consequences. However, in spite of ignoring His message, He still loved me and had a host of angels around me to protect me from death. I lived because of God's amazing grace and forgiveness. The question now is...Can I forgive myself?

Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, "I will confess my transgressions" to the Lord -- and you forgave the guilt of my sin."                    Psalm 32:5

Indy has been with me for almost a week now. He is such a sweetie, except he is not housebroken. He is a rescue puppy from a puppy mill, so it will take time to train him since he is 18 months old already. He also is not use to being around people and my house has been grand central station. But he is adjusting pretty good as long as every one just leaves him alone and lets him take his time getting acclimated.

I've managed to get Hanna's quilt pressed and sandwiched together. I started quilting late this afternoon. I got about 1/3 done before my eyes started getting tired. Last night I made my 2 March Craftsy BOM and even got them posted today. Tuesday I put together a vest that was already cut out by one of the members of my church back in AZ. It was one of those preprinted panels. It was fun doing all the embellishments. Now in the line up is...finish Hanna's quilt, 2 Round Robin blocks, Jan-Mar Country Junktion Block of the month,  2 quilts for RWYS, 1 valor quilt & 1 comfort quilt for one of the ladies at my church in AZ.  Oh, and 2 quilts for myself! And that's not even touching the UFO pile!

It's getting late and Indy is pawing at me which an indication in her dog language to get to bed!! Good night!