Going Home

Published Sat, Jan 28 2012 11:28 PM

You read that correct...I'm going home! I leave February 22 right after the QCA Get Together. I just need to go home and be in my own surroundings. I talked to my oldest grandson, Christopher today. He was so excited because I'm coming home earlier than planned. He ran to get his step-dad, Nate who was taking a nap. Because my voice still isn't strong, I couldn't stop him. Poor Nate! I explained I was coming home and I would email my itinerary and would he mind picking me up again from Amtrak at 1:00 AM? Yes, that was AM...just one hour after midnight. The only time the train goes thru Cleveland. While I was on the phone with Amtrak, I also stressed that my wheelchair is for ME and not my luggage!! And yes, you read that correctly too. Everytime I go thru Chicago, the Red Cap service gets worse. Coming out to Arizona, they actually put all my luggage onto my wheelchair and left me standing! They came back and asked why I didn't follow them to the lounge. Hellooooooo! Did I really have to explain to them that the wheel chair was for me? I get so tired of having to file complaints every time I go thru Chicago.

I regressed there. Chicago gets me off on a tangent. I'm going home! I've just had too many health issues crop up and some are serious. This next week I will be undergoing tests to find out why my feet are turning blue. Obviously it's a circulation problem, but it can be one of 2 diagnosis. Neither are good and both are hereditary. Serious heart disease runs in the family. I want to go home and see a vascular doctor there and if a procedure needs to be done, I want to recover in my own home. I'm still on voice rest from the respiratory infection from 2 weeks ago. One of my doctors back home feels there is damage to my esophagus due to acid reflux and this could be why I still have a sore throat and why I can't adjust to the cpap. Also the lymphodema and nerve damage in my feet and legs is getting worse so I need to see my neurologist. Also the doctor here upon seeing my latest blood tests that I had done just before coming out for the winter, discovered that I'm pre-diabetic. This was something I did not know and I'm sure my doctor in Ohio was going to tell me upon my return. One thing is certain.....I'm feeling like Humpty Dumpty and they can't put me back together again. I'm going home!!

For all the things going on, I'm seeing more reasons for the need of a service dog. There are so many things Indy will be able to do once he has been trained. We will need to spend several months together before we can start the training. I must go thru the training to so I know how to say the commands. The vet checked him out the other day and gave him the go ahead. Said he's a smart little guy. He's 18 months old and will be almost 2 yrs old when we start training. That is the perfect age to start him. Even in training, he will be able to go anywhere with me. I can't wait to get home and have Indy brought home. I got some new photos the other day. I think I put them on the previous blog. Christopher and Noel will be surprised when they see him! I've been keeping it a secret.

My brother Bill called from California today. He hasn't had a chance to come over yet. You see he's my brother from Daddy's second marriage. We've never met! So he's going to see if he can take his vacation before I leave Arizona so he can come to visit while I'm here in Arizona. I'm so excited about meeting him. I've met the older brother, Robert. Turns out Robert lives in NE Ohio about a one hour drive from me. He's come over to visit several times. We have shared many baby pictures and he has given me photos of Daddy. It turns out we have many of the same interests, so we have enjoyed each others company. He brings his wife Jen and 2 of his grandchildren over. They will sure enjoy Indy! So now I'm really looking forward to meeting Bill and his wife Jeri. I didn't think to bring any photos with me, but hopefully there will be a time that perhaps they will come to Ohio and we can all get together. There is still another brother, Gary. I hope someday to meet him too.

In spite of the depression I'm feeling today, I managed to make my February BOMs and posted them this evening. I even managed to clean up the area that I'm sewing in. This morning I finished one of the quilted blocks into a pillow that the alzheimer quilter had started. I just have a wall hanging to finish and I'm taking the quilt tops home to quilt. Then that whole project will be complete.

This morning's devotion was talking about "Begin with God...He give Joy". I've been struggling with that one today because I wasn't feeling joy this morning. But as the day progressed I found joy in the future meeting with my brother Bill, talking to 2 of my other brothers yesterday, talked to Christopher today, made arrangements to go home, and I'm going to have my little Indy soon.  James 1:2-3 says "Consider it pure joy, ...whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance." Thank you God for the Joy. Amen


# Pamela said on Sunday, January 29, 2012 1:21 PM

Isn't it a blessing that we can lean upon God and let him meet our needs!

# Maggie said on Monday, January 30, 2012 8:02 PM

I am sorry you are are so under the weather.  I truly hope you will soon be feeling better -- can't blame you for wanting to go home early.    I want to thank you again for your ticket to the Quilt Expo.   I went eary and did not win anything, but I did get to see all the seminars I had wanted to see.  Learned a little about different threads and bought into the foils and glitter for embellishing quilts


# mars92 said on Monday, January 30, 2012 8:21 PM

I hope you will be feeling better soon. I know it is always comforting to be in "your own house" when you're not feeling well.  So I don't blame you for clicking those ruby red slippers and saying I just wanna go home, I know exactly how you feel, truly I do.

It was nice to get to spend a day with you shopping for fabric and having lunch.

Take care of yourself and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.