Published Fri, Jan 13 2012 6:13 PM

I'm a bit lax and I think we all do once we receive what we've asked God to give us. But I want to sing praises and thank yous to God for giving me Indy! I can't wait to get back to Ohio so I can meet him and bring him home! Has everyone seen his photo? Been showing it to church, at my quilt group here in AZ, when I'm shopping, the neighbors. Emailed it to everyone back home. Posted it on Facebook. It's posted on QCA and Quilt with Us.  Have I missed anyone? Don't think I mailed it to my brothers and mom...they don't do internet. Guess I better print copies and mail it to them. Don't want them to find out I've added to my family from the family grapevine gets to them before snail mail... That is if it hasn't beat me! I just ordered Indy's id tags, collar, and leash. I'm going shop hopping this afternoon, so I'm looking for doggie fabric to make him a couple placemats for his doggie dishes. I also want to get some fleece to make him a sleeping mat for the bed and sofa. Praise God! I finally have my puppy! Well, I will have him when I get home. So I'm cutting my winter short and leaving AZ the end of February. Mommy's coming home Indy!!!

Meanwhile, I finished my first UFO for 2012. It's my 2006 retreat quilt made from Civil War reproduction fabrics. My friends took it to the longarm quilter as my Christmas present. Two days ago I finished putting the binding on. Perhaps today I'll get photos taken and get it posted. If not today, sometime tomorrow. It turned out great and will look wonderful on the foot of my bed. I'm sure Indy will make good use of it!

Well I need to get going before my friend Marlene shows up so we can go shop hopping. I've never done this before so I'm really excited! Happy quilting! And praise God today for whatever blessings He has given you!

Hugs, Linda

PS. I talked to Indy's foster mom before going shop hopping and found out he sleeps on a pillow. Marlene and I just got back about 45 minutes ago. I found fabrics for 2 pillowcases for Indy. Now I have to find placemat fabric. Thank you, Marlene, for a wonderful afternoon! Hope we can do it again before I return to Ohio. Hi Nana!


# Nana said on Sunday, January 15, 2012 8:25 PM

Hi Linda. I am glad that you and Marlene had a good day even if I am a wee bit jealous...LOL>