End of Year Musings

Published Mon, Dec 26 2011 6:24 PM

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I went to church to celebrate our Saviour's birth and then went to lunch with my friend and caregiver Barb, her sister Nancy,  and a friend Virginia. We spent a lovely afternoon sitting in a restaurant just chatting. It was so very relaxing. During that time my brother Bill from California called and my grandsons Christopher and Noel also called. I then came home to my friend's house and we just sat around chatting, checking on Jim's new saltwater fish tank that's he has been setting up for 3 weeks, eating and I finally starting sewing again. I had made them an Abbey bag for Christmas. Somehow I knew they would not be willing to share and had brought the extra fabric with me. Last evening and this morning I made the other bag so they won't have to share. My phone was quite busy yesterday as well. My daughter-in-law Rhoda called and I was able to speak to grandchildren Joshua and Mila. Unfortunately, they were all not feeling well. Mila did model her new outfit I made her and they emailed me a photo.The Strawberry Shortcake outfit consists of strawberry pants, top, and hat. By the looks, it fits Mila perfectly. Isn't she a little Hawaiian doll baby??

Now that Christmas is over, I turn to 2012 and start thinking about what I'd like to accomplish in the new year. Here's my list...

1. Complete the RWYS Precious Project.

2. Finish a lot of my UFOs. If I set aside 1 weekend a month, I could get a lot of them completed because most of them are small.

3. Do more charity quilting this year. I haven't done much in the past 2 years.

4. Attempt to start a RWYS chapter in Ohio, but only if the time is right and if the opportunity is right. I need to pray more on this one.

5. Make the quilt for my quest room and the plaid quilt like I made Uncle Skip. Also make my Christmas quilt.

6. Start Christmas presents in July instead of waiting till November.

7. Thank God each day for my many blessings and for my friends at QCA.

That's the start of my list. Have you thought of what you want to accomplish in the New Year? I'd like to hear what your plans/dreams are.....

Blessings for a prosperous 2012.


# Pamela said on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 9:13 PM

Linda, you are such an encouragement. I love how your faith shines through and keeps you movtivated.

The strawberry shortcake outfit is darling.

I haven't put together my list yet for 2012, but I usually come up with one. I think your #7 should be your #1 and I will add that to my list, for sure.