Precious RWYS Project

Published Sat, Dec 17 2011 8:45 AM

Yesterday was our RWYS Christmas party and regular meeting at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. I started this chapter about 5 years ago as a women's activity at our church. Being parish ministry assistant I'm always looking for women's activities to get the women of our congregation involved. My good friend and caregiver, Barb took over the group when I  had to move back to Ohio. Barb has done a marvelous job and has recruited several new members into the fold. Before I moved two years ago we had taken a group photo and I had submitted it to the Lutheran Womens' Quarterly. Was I ever surprised yesterday when Barb presented the latest issue of the Lutheran Womens' Quarterly with our group photo in it!! How wonderful was that? Everything in God's time....not mine!!!!

There was yet another surprise instore for me. A dear. dear lady in our congregation has alzheimers.  When she was diagnosed, she had given me 2 boxes of fabrics for my quilting endeavors. One box was all Thimbleberries fabrics! Yesterday I was asked to complete what was in a box that her husband had given to RWYS. Oh my gosh, I was amazed at what I saw when I opened that box! The most beautiful wall hanging that just needed to be quilted and have binding put on. I told Barb that I was going to hand quilt it, bind it, and get a hanger for it. But we would then return it to the family. The squares had a folded design in the center and I was amazed at the precision and perfection of each square. It was such a perfect piece of art that I felt it should be returned to the family in her honor. There was no way we could give it away or auction it off.  The rest of the contents were 18" squares of various quilt patterns. Again, done in such perfection. Two squares are already quilted so I am going to make them into individual wall hangings. The rest of the squares I can get two good sized lap quilts. I think the plan is to auction them and purchase something for the church in her honor.  Please pray for this lady (I do not wish to mention her name) and also for her daughter who in the last year has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The husband has also had some health issues in recent months. He is a wonderful, extremely talented wood carver. I am very honored to be asked  to finish her work.

Dear Lord Jesus, please be with this family. Be with my friend as she goes deeper and deeper into alzheimers. It's a horrible disease that is difficult for the family. Her daughter needs her and would like to talk to her as she goes thru breast cancer. And Lord comfort the daughter as she's loosing her mother to alzheimers and as she's trying to deal with the cancer. Guides the medical team that is caring for her and let your will be done. And give strength to the father and husband of these two women as he cares for them and as he cares for his own health issues. May there be help for them, comfort for them, assistance where needed. Lord we ask this in Your name. Amen.

PS. God, last evening I heard that my granchildren, Hanna (5) and Quinn (3) have pneumonia. Oh, please, Lord, heal my babies so that I may see them again. There is a newborn of 3 months in the home. Please shield Cora that she doesn't catch sick too. Give Heather and Mark strength to care for all 3 children during this time of illness and that they don't get sick too. I know that Heather has been run down since giving birth to Cora. Please wrap Your comforting and healing arms around my family. I sing your praises, Oh Lord. Amen.

Today is a day of prayer for my family and my friends. Also it's a day to go shopping so I can try and finish the quilting that my friend started. I need backing and border fabrics, batting and a quilting hoop since I left mine at home. Yes I plan to hand quilt since she started them that way.  I will have to pray that I can do justice to what she has started. Please pray for me as I start this precious project.


# Karla said on Saturday, December 17, 2011 9:10 AM

I'll be praying for your grandchildren and for the whole family to be up and around soon.  God's will be done.

# Linda said on Saturday, December 17, 2011 11:10 AM

Thank you, Karla. Christmastime is not the time to have 2 small children down with pneumonia and a newborn baby. At least my son is helping when he's not at work. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

# Megan Byrne said on Sunday, December 18, 2011 4:42 AM

I too will add your family to my prayers and you as you gather your supplies and finish the work of your friend. Although she may have forgotton things I'm glad to hear that you have not forgotton her.