Where do you hail from? And QCA Get Together Update

Published Fri, Dec 9 2011 10:03 AM

I was just posting on Where Do You Hail From? I noticed that there were some ladies from Parkman and Chagrin Falls. I live in Bedford and Chagrin Falls isn't too awfully far away. Parkman is a bit farther.  Would you ladies be interested in starting a Reap What You Sew quilting group? All quilts would be donated to charity. Please contact me if you are interested. If anyone else is interested, please contact me.

I am working on a QCA get together in the Phoenix area. Most likely to be around mid-Feb and I'm trying to get the fellowship hall at the church so we can do a pot-luck to keep costs down. Would love if any QCA team members live in the area could come as our guests. There will be some Reap What You Sew'ers there. They are so excited about meeting fellow quilters. And if you QCA'ers need quilting buddies, RWYS is your answer! They are a wonderful group of ladies. They distributed over 2500 quilts to charity this year!

Since arriving in AZ, I've been shopping, sewing, Bible study, Advent services, shopping, out to lunch, sewing, out to visit Jim & Sheila's former neighbor's for dinner,laundry, and 1 nap. And I haven't been here a full week yet! WOW! I wonder what the rest of the week will bring...and next week. I know I have to visit the chiropractor, Bible study, Advent services, Sunday services, Sunday Bible class, and probably Tai Chi. Who knows what else will pop up? I am definately more social and get out more here in Arizona than in Ohio. My friends in Ohio have definately let me down with the exception of my cousin Deb, who lives an hour away.  But I don't want to dwell on that while I'm in Arizona. I want to enjoy my friends here while I can. Altho Deb and I have talked twice since I've left Ohio. We'll keep in touch. She's a sweetie.

Been working on a table runner for Pastor and his wife Susan. I took all the mistakes from the Eleanor Burns Lovers Knot table runner I made for my friend Jan.  I just reworked the color combination for the same pattern and have the same table runner in a different color configuration. So now I don't have a lot of wasted expensive fabric, but I have a beautiful gift. God is so good and awesome! And on that note, I wish you all an awesome day with God's blessings.


# Barbara said on Friday, December 9, 2011 8:47 PM

Linda you would moer then likely get more response if you post this on the main thread about your get together .there are alot of folks who just don't read the blogs . Barbara