OK God, Where's the Heat??

Published Tue, Dec 6 2011 9:32 AM

I lived in Arizona for almost 11 years and the past two years that I've become a snowbird it seems the winters have become colder! What gives? I don't remember the winters being this cold when I lived here. Altho I shouldn't complain considering back home in Ohio it is much, much colder. The snow I left behind has melted and they are getting rain. It will soon become snow again. And living just outside of Cleveland, we get the lake effect off Lake Erie coming from Canada. That means we get dumped on. We are the snow belt capital of Ohio. So thank you God than I am here and not back home. But could you please turn up the heat a little bit? Pretty please??

Well, yesterday was spent mostly getting use to Sheila's computer and fighting with the printer. It kept spitting out gobbly gook....pages at a time, wasting paper and ink. I found a way around it but it took forever and a day...all day it seemed. I finished just before Jim got home from work. 

 When Sheila got home we went to one of our favorite stores, Jim's too. Yes ladies and gents...Jim sews. We went to JoAnn Etc. A couple hours later and a much thinner wallet, we finally emerged. Every time I go to that particular JoAnn's I spent money. I love their fabric selections and their bargin bin. I didn't even get to the remnant bin; otherwise i would have spent far more than I could really afford. Not that I didn't already! I almost fell over when all Jim and Sheila bought were 2 patterns!! Those two are up to something I can tell. When I saw Jim's pattern I knew. He's planning another pirate coat. Oh boy.....better put my thinking cap on! Last year he asked me to help him with a coat. Ok no problem, the pattern was basic. Then he wanted to line it, ok not a problem even tho the pattern didn't call for it. Then he changed his mind and wanted to make it a reversable coat....HE WANTED TO WHAT????? That took some thinking for a day or two, but I came up with a plan. We made 2 coats and put them together. Now that took some planning with the cuffs and lapels, but we did it. Actually I should say Jim did it. Jim sewed it all, I supervised. He had to sew on 56 buttons. It turned out great. I'll have to have Jim give me a photo of him in the coat so I can post it.  The only photo I have is with the whole gang. For Sheila this year we are going to make a new corset. You think easy? HA!  And for me? I just altered last year's costume to fit better. Next year I hope to be another story. I have a new pattern. It's a secret. Let's just say I may not be saying "Help, Help, I've been captured by pirates!"

This is going to be short. Plenty to do today. Have to bake brownies for tonight's Reap What You Sew Christmas party. Oh, I can hardly wait to see everyone! I had spoken to Sandy (the president) about having the QCA get together in February for those of us who are out here in Phoenix. And tonight I get to tell everyone about QCA and how wonderful you all are! You see I'm hoping to have some Reap What You Sew'ers  at the get together also. This way those who don't have quilting buddies  or if you do have quilting buddies can meet other quilting buddies.  Is God awesome or what? The greatest treasure He gives us is the treasure of friendship. God's blessings for a wonderful day.


# safrmaz said on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 2:41 PM

I was on Facebook with my girlfriend this morning and she said it was 31 degrees in Goodyear.  It was the same here!  We both used our bun warmers in our cars!

# MaggieNae said on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 2:51 PM

Who needs heat when we have quilts?

# Linda said on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 4:37 PM

You have a point....and I was sleeping under a couple quilts the past couple nights. It was when I got out from under them I was in trouble. By the time I get up in the morning it's a bit warmer than 31! Been sleeping a whole lot better here....YEA!!!!

# Kathy M. Boice said on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 12:08 AM

Glad your sleeping better. Makes for a better day! Hugs,