I'm in Arizona - Yipee!!

Published Sun, Dec 4 2011 9:39 AM

Arrived this morning @ 12:47AM! I highly recommend a sleeping car if you are traveling Amtrak. I slept well the 2 nights and napped most of the 3 days. After several days on Nexium for the acid reflux and keeping my legs elevated, I'm feeling much better. Disappointed that the rain seems to have followed me down here; but I'm told it will be gone by Tuesday and will be bright and sunny again. Hallelujah!!

 Other than Chicago Union Station the trip itself was uneventful. The Red Cap Service personnel doesn't seem to understand what wheelchairs are meant for. Red Cap Service once again proved their inability to care for the handicapped. They put my carry on luggage in the wheelchair and left me standing! When they returned, I asked where the wheelchair was and if they were going to take me to where I needed to be to catch my next train. The answer was the lounge for sleeping car passengers is around the corner. Your wheelchair and luggage are there. I attempted to explain the wheelchair was for me, not my luggage. However, he left me standing there! So I was forced to walk to the lounge.My ankles looked like tree stumps and I was lucky to get shoes on that morning.  The service in the lounge did not improve. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep and almost missed my train!!!! Not one person asked if I needed assistance. Every time I go thru Chicago Union Station it is like this. If there was a way to avoid it I would; however, everywhere I travel via Amtrak I have to go thru Union Station. And the only way I can travel is Amtrak. So once again, I will file another complaint. Wonder what they do to those who are severely handicapped? I don't want to go there.

So on a better note. I'm ready to start my first day in Arizona. My friends are still in bed sleeping....at least that's what I'm assuming they are doing. I'm here getting caught up on the computer....I was about to go into withdrawal without a computer or sewing machine for 3 days. Have to figure out  a way to afford a laptop before next winter. Haven't figured out how a sewing machine could work on a train. But I did embroider a laundry bag made from a vintage pillowcase. One of my friends from church is going to stop by after services. I thought I might fall asleep during services if I tried to go this morning. It's actually quite chilly this morning. Yes, mornings can be chilly in the desert. I brought plenty of clothes to layer. As the day warms up, just shed a layer.

Oh, I think I hear Indie. She's the cutest little 12 lb. Havanese and she loves her Auntie Linda and her Auntie Linda adores her. I got kisses when I got off the train and when we got in the car and when we got home and when she jumped on my bed and when we sat on the sofa. You get the idea. I get accused of spoiling her a little bit. Ok a lot. But isn't that what aunties are suppose to do? You see Indie is a service dog. A hearing dog to be exact. Her master is deaf altho you'd never know it sometimes. I'm told if I spoil her too much that she forgets her duties. Oh give me a break! It's not like I'm here 24/7/365 days a year!  OK 90-120 days in a row might affect her job a little bit. She tries to sneak into bed with me and one of her important jobs is to wake Jim in the morning when his alarm goes off for work during the week.  So can't I spoil just a teenie weenie little bit? It's not like I get to see her every day? Indie and I have to work on how to get around this.

For now that's it folks! Have to check emails and Facebook. Thank you Lord Jesus for the safe trip. Amen.



# Kathy M. Boice said on Sunday, December 4, 2011 6:14 PM

Glad you arrived safely, sad to hear the Union Station story. They definetely need to be advised of their bad service to you. My sister in law is here for awhile. How long?? Good question! She retired last April and goes from relative to relative. Gave up her apartment and all household belongings and just travels. We thought she would be here for one week or so, but she informed us yesterday that she may stay til the end of Jan or Feb. I will not whine...although I have reason to. LOL She did play pool with our son for enough time for me to sew 4 6 1/2" blocks together for my string quilt! Yahoo! Finally got to sew!! I need to do so much more!! I need 144 more of the 6 1/1" blocks to make the quilt top. Then I need to decide if it should have a border or whatever. I am not ecperienced enough to know how I want to finish it or how it needs to be quilted. One step at a time...right?? Hugs to you!!!