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Blessed Happy New Year to all!
Sat, Dec 31 2011 8:57 AM

As we close 2011 and enter 2012, I have to admit I've been a little down this week and I don't even know why exactly. Well, partly because dummy me wasn't thinking last weekend and ate too much ham and other salty foods. The result being that my ankles and legs became swollen again. Then to make matters worse I've been breaking out in hives and can't determine the cause. What a way to end the year! Of course, my caregiver orders me away from the sewing machine and puts me on complete rest with my feet elevated. I guess that wasn't so bad...I've actually picked up a novel and started reading for the first time in months. However, after 24 hours I started going into withdrawal! Aw, yes, we quilters do need our machines, don't we?

On a happier note, I received my Christmas present from my Secret Sister in Ohio. What a lovely surprise that was! She sent me a devotion book on friendship, a Christmas novel, 2 bookmarks, a 2 CD WOW set, a gift card to Bob Evans restaurant (one of my favorites), a Psalms calendar, and the most beautiful musical egg Christmas ornament that I've ever seen!  Since we don't reveal who our Secret Sister is until May, I had to sit down and write a thank you to our LWML president so she can relay to whoever has my name this year. My goodness, she went overboard and I think I'm covered until May! The gifts were wonderful! Before I left for Arizona she gave me a gorgeous sunflower trivet tile for Thanksgiving. God has truly blessed me with such a generous Secret Sister this year. I gave my Secret Sister a set of scrappy coasters and a 10 minute table runner. I'd like to get her something unique to Arizona but then she would know who I am. But I think I'll get her something from here but save it for reveal day. Meanwhile I'll think of something else to get her in the meantime. She's kind of hard to buy for since she's 80 something, but the sweetest lady...maybe a devotional. First I have to get out shopping.

Been working on my RWYS Precious Project and last evening I finished one of the quilt tops. As soon as I can I will get a photo so I can post it. I was surprised at how big six 18" blocks can become when put together with sashing and borders. The top is 50" x 72".  The next top will have nine 18" blocks, but I haven't decided on a layout just yet. I have started the wallhanging, but have had to put it aside until my thimble can be sent down from Ohio. Having such tiny fingers, I can't just go into a store and buy one. My neighbor is sending mine in the next package of mail. We are trying to give the 2 completed pillows back to the original quilter, but her husband hasn't been in church during the holidays. I imagine out of town family has been in or health issues has kept him at home.  We will get the pillows to him as soon as we can.

Wishing all of you and your families a very safe and blessed Happy New Year!

End of Year Musings
Mon, Dec 26 2011 6:24 PM

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I went to church to celebrate our Saviour's birth and then went to lunch with my friend and caregiver Barb, her sister Nancy,  and a friend Virginia. We spent a lovely afternoon sitting in a restaurant just chatting. It was so very relaxing. During that time my brother Bill from California called and my grandsons Christopher and Noel also called. I then came home to my friend's house and we just sat around chatting, checking on Jim's new saltwater fish tank that's he has been setting up for 3 weeks, eating and I finally starting sewing again. I had made them an Abbey bag for Christmas. Somehow I knew they would not be willing to share and had brought the extra fabric with me. Last evening and this morning I made the other bag so they won't have to share. My phone was quite busy yesterday as well. My daughter-in-law Rhoda called and I was able to speak to grandchildren Joshua and Mila. Unfortunately, they were all not feeling well. Mila did model her new outfit I made her and they emailed me a photo.The Strawberry Shortcake outfit consists of strawberry pants, top, and hat. By the looks, it fits Mila perfectly. Isn't she a little Hawaiian doll baby??

Now that Christmas is over, I turn to 2012 and start thinking about what I'd like to accomplish in the new year. Here's my list...

1. Complete the RWYS Precious Project.

2. Finish a lot of my UFOs. If I set aside 1 weekend a month, I could get a lot of them completed because most of them are small.

3. Do more charity quilting this year. I haven't done much in the past 2 years.

4. Attempt to start a RWYS chapter in Ohio, but only if the time is right and if the opportunity is right. I need to pray more on this one.

5. Make the quilt for my quest room and the plaid quilt like I made Uncle Skip. Also make my Christmas quilt.

6. Start Christmas presents in July instead of waiting till November.

7. Thank God each day for my many blessings and for my friends at QCA.

That's the start of my list. Have you thought of what you want to accomplish in the New Year? I'd like to hear what your plans/dreams are.....

Blessings for a prosperous 2012.

Merry Christmas
Sat, Dec 24 2011 9:47 AM

You all have been such a blessing to me since I've joined QCA. So here's wishing all of you a very blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with lots of love and many hugs!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

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First Part of Precious RWYS Project Completed
Fri, Dec 23 2011 12:22 AM

Praise God! I have completed the first part of the RWYS Precious Project and in time for Christmas too! We decided to give them to her husband as a Christmas present for her. The pillows turned out very pretty I think.

 Tomorrow I begin part 2...the wall hanging. The Lord has truly been with me on this project so far. I normally stitch 7 stitches per inch, but I managed to do smaller stitches and match the original quilter's stitches of 9-10 stitches per inch. Praise His Name!!

Thank you everyone who has been praying for my grandchildren Hanna and Quinn who have been sick with pneumonia. Good news they are on the mend and driving their mom crazy asking if it's Christmas yet!! Baby Cora and Mom Heather have come down with colds, but are beginning to feel better already. Hanna had an allergic reaction to something the other day, but it is now gone. They're uncertain what caused it. This Christmas will be a bit low key this year, but they are together and the children are out of danger now.  Thank you again for your prayers.

This site has been a wonderful blessing to me. You all are so friendly, helpful, caring, and great quilting buddies. Wishing you all a very blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Precious RWYS Project Update
Wed, Dec 21 2011 7:51 AM

God is looking down on me so far on this project. I've completed the first quilted square that was started. I have surprised stitches are as tiny as her stitches...9 per inch!  I usually do 7 per inch.  It only took 40 years of quilting. Perhaps in another 40 I'll be able to do 12 stitches per inch, but by then I'll be over 100 years old!! She had started quilting 2 of the 18" squares. We have decided to turn them into pillows and give them back to her. Our thinking is that they may be of some comfort to her and something that she can hug to herself. Today I will be working on the second square. I only have to do the border so it should be done today, and tomorrow I can make the pillow. If I didn't have Advent services this morning, I'd have the pillow done today too. But, Advent is very important so off to church I must go later.

After the pillows, I plan to start on the wall hanging. We found a pretty heart stencil for the border. A portion of the stencil will fit into the 4 corners of each of the squares perfectly. We decided on the heart stencil because it represents the love she put into the wall hanging when she made it and our love in completing it. We also found a pretty fabric for the binding. I can't wait to get this all finished so I can post it so you all can see it. She did such beautiful work and I continue to pray that I can do justice to it.

We also found some beautiful fabrics that we feel will turn the rest of the squares she made into beautiful lap quilts. Again, I can only pray that my work will compliment her beautiful squares. So far, so good. Thank you, sweet Jesus. Amen.

PS. I'll post the pillows as soon as they are done.

Precious RWYS Project cont.
Sun, Dec 18 2011 7:31 AM

I was able to purchase nearly everything needed to complete this most precious project. However, I couldn't find a suitable quilt stencil for the wall hanging. We were only able to go to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby yesterday. I need to get to a quilt store. Hopefully, that will happen on Monday. I would like to complete the items that are near completion first before starting on the lap quilts. God may have other plans. I might end up doing the lap quilts first. I was surprised to find all the fabrics I needed yesterday. God is so awesome. I had no coupons for JoAnns and the check out clerk asked what I was doing. While I was explaining the project to her, she found some coupons saving me $40 and brought my total down to $95!!! Praise Jesus!  Now I need a lot of prayer to complete the work and do it justice. I hope to start on it today after church or tomorrow morning. I may take the day off and go visit friends here in the neighborhood.

Today is the children's Christmas program at church. I understand we've had some younger families join the church this year. So I'm really looking forward to seeing their Christmas program. Happy Sunday everyone! Next Sunday is Christmas. If I don't get another blog in this week, everyone have a blessed Merry Christmas!

Lord Jesus, please wrap your comforting and healing arms around my 2 grandchildren Hanna and Quinn that they will be better to enjoy Christmas. Please protect baby Cora, mom Heather and dad Mark that they remain healthy. Thy will be done. In Your Name I pray. Amen

Precious RWYS Project
Sat, Dec 17 2011 8:45 AM

Yesterday was our RWYS Christmas party and regular meeting at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. I started this chapter about 5 years ago as a women's activity at our church. Being parish ministry assistant I'm always looking for women's activities to get the women of our congregation involved. My good friend and caregiver, Barb took over the group when I  had to move back to Ohio. Barb has done a marvelous job and has recruited several new members into the fold. Before I moved two years ago we had taken a group photo and I had submitted it to the Lutheran Womens' Quarterly. Was I ever surprised yesterday when Barb presented the latest issue of the Lutheran Womens' Quarterly with our group photo in it!! How wonderful was that? Everything in God's time....not mine!!!!

There was yet another surprise instore for me. A dear. dear lady in our congregation has alzheimers.  When she was diagnosed, she had given me 2 boxes of fabrics for my quilting endeavors. One box was all Thimbleberries fabrics! Yesterday I was asked to complete what was in a box that her husband had given to RWYS. Oh my gosh, I was amazed at what I saw when I opened that box! The most beautiful wall hanging that just needed to be quilted and have binding put on. I told Barb that I was going to hand quilt it, bind it, and get a hanger for it. But we would then return it to the family. The squares had a folded design in the center and I was amazed at the precision and perfection of each square. It was such a perfect piece of art that I felt it should be returned to the family in her honor. There was no way we could give it away or auction it off.  The rest of the contents were 18" squares of various quilt patterns. Again, done in such perfection. Two squares are already quilted so I am going to make them into individual wall hangings. The rest of the squares I can get two good sized lap quilts. I think the plan is to auction them and purchase something for the church in her honor.  Please pray for this lady (I do not wish to mention her name) and also for her daughter who in the last year has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The husband has also had some health issues in recent months. He is a wonderful, extremely talented wood carver. I am very honored to be asked  to finish her work.

Dear Lord Jesus, please be with this family. Be with my friend as she goes deeper and deeper into alzheimers. It's a horrible disease that is difficult for the family. Her daughter needs her and would like to talk to her as she goes thru breast cancer. And Lord comfort the daughter as she's loosing her mother to alzheimers and as she's trying to deal with the cancer. Guides the medical team that is caring for her and let your will be done. And give strength to the father and husband of these two women as he cares for them and as he cares for his own health issues. May there be help for them, comfort for them, assistance where needed. Lord we ask this in Your name. Amen.

PS. God, last evening I heard that my granchildren, Hanna (5) and Quinn (3) have pneumonia. Oh, please, Lord, heal my babies so that I may see them again. There is a newborn of 3 months in the home. Please shield Cora that she doesn't catch sick too. Give Heather and Mark strength to care for all 3 children during this time of illness and that they don't get sick too. I know that Heather has been run down since giving birth to Cora. Please wrap Your comforting and healing arms around my family. I sing your praises, Oh Lord. Amen.

Today is a day of prayer for my family and my friends. Also it's a day to go shopping so I can try and finish the quilting that my friend started. I need backing and border fabrics, batting and a quilting hoop since I left mine at home. Yes I plan to hand quilt since she started them that way.  I will have to pray that I can do justice to what she has started. Please pray for me as I start this precious project.

UFO Close to Biting the Dust
Thu, Dec 15 2011 3:17 PM

YIPEE!!!!! Just completed my 2008 Retreat Quilt Top. My friend Sheila is paying to have it quilted by a longarm as my Christmas present. I don't know any in this area, so I'll have to call some friends. This is one of the UFO's that is close to biting the dust! Don't worry I have plenty more, but most of them are small and will only take a weekend to do 2 or 3 at a time. Hopefully, in 2012 I can get back to do some charity quilting. Of course, in Ohio I have to find a charity to give them to, but that shouldn't be a problem. It's just a matter of spending some time on the phone and/or doing some networking. Some praying wouldn't hurt.

Yesterday I gave Pastor Murphy the wall hanging of the 23rd Psalm I had quilted for him. He was very surprised and very happy with it. Pastor called me this morning to tell me that he hung it in his study at home and it looks perfect there. But it would be perfect...I made it, but God planned it!! Always have to give credit to God. He's the only one who is and ever can be perfect.

Just posted a thread about the QCA Get Together in Phoenix. It will be February 17, 2012 at my church Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Pastor Murphy was so excited when I asked if we could use the fellowship hall for the luncheon. It will be just before the regular RWYS meeting. Everyone is invited to join our meeting after lunch.  Also please bring Show and Tell to the luncheon! We love looking at what everyone else is doing!! For more information contact me here or at

God's blessings for a wonderful day. Hugs.

Going to build an ark...
Tue, Dec 13 2011 12:19 PM

Rained all day yesterday, all night, and by the looks all day again today. Looks like we may need to build an ark...what part of the Bible were those directions to Noah in? It's rained so much this year and I'm quite certain it's been more than 40 days and 40 nights back in Ohio this past summer. Would someone like to start collecting the animals 2 x 2? I think God is trying to tell us something like in Biblical times maybe. The way our President and government is running this country at the moment, I'm sure God is trying to tell us something loud and clear. Maybe a flood isn't such a bad idea afterall....but let's get the ark built first. Does that fit into your plan, God? We're only human and we sure don't understand what is happening. But I trust and have faith in You, so whatever Your plan, here I am Lord. You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine, You make me happy when skies are gray....

This morning we woke up to no power. Oh oh, no sewing way! It finally came back on a couple hours later. Oh thank you Lord Jesus!! So I got my full blocks to my retreat quilt together and have them pinned to be sewn into rows. I'm getting so excited because I should be able to have the top done today if my shoulders hold out. This quilt is screaming at me to be hand quilted. Since I didn't bring my hoop, I guess a trip to Hobby Lobby is in the near future or maybe check out Connecting Threads website because I need thread too. I'm getting so excited to see this quilt done, but here I go again getting ahead of myself.  I think I've taken a long enough break. so I'm going back to it.

Everyone have a wonderful quilting day and God bless.

God, What gives with the rain?
Mon, Dec 12 2011 11:32 PM

Lord, I woke up this morning to rain beating on the roof. What's with that? I thought I left all that back in Ohio along with the chilliness. This is no fun especially since I had to go out in it to go to the chiropractor today. She asks on a scale of 1 to 10 how is my pain today. I answer 15!! It's raining...of course, my pain level is high! I came home and took a 2 hour nap along with a heating pad and Indie (a very cute Havanesse). Oh, dear Heavenly Father, please bring back some sunshine and heat to lessen my pain. Your will be done. Amen.

Before going to the chiropractor's office, I worked on Baptism cloths for church. My neighbor Audrey in Ohio had donated some linen and applique crosses and just in time. Pastor is using the last one that I had made previously on Christmas day for a baptism. I managed to get a baker's dozen from the fabric she donated. Thank you Audrey!

Saturday I finished a table runner for Pastor and his wife Susan. It was made from all the mistakes from Jan's table runner that I make last month. It turned out quite well. I also made 2 10-minute table runners for gifts later on. For a special little doggie named Indie I made a new placemat for her dishes. Her old one somehow got something spilled on it during their move. Here's the new one and Indie....Isn't Indie a cutie? I love her to pieces. She always has kisses.

Yesterday and today I worked on my 2008 retreat quilt.I'm using Civil War reproduction fabrics in sages and purples that match my bedroom.  It requires the use of an X-block ruler. At the retreat I wasn't able to cut my blocks because my shoulders were frozen from the accident and I didn't have the strength to do the cutting. (Retreat was just about 7-8 months after the accident and I was still going thru rehab from my injuries.) It still created some pain trying to hold the ruler in place while cutting; but fortunately for me I'm only making a lap quilt. I only had to cut 40 blocks total and had to quit for several hours after cutting those 40 blocks. Today I bought the sizing (now the blocks are on a bias) so I could press and start joining the1/4 blocks to make 1/2 blocks. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can start joining the blocks to make full blocks, then I'm ready for rows. Just might be able to get this quilt done before I go home in the spring. Can hardly contain myself. My UFO for RWYS contest will be done! One down, ??? to go. I'm counting my chickens before they're hatched. Like I said I can hardly contain myself.

My friend, Jim is setting up his saltwater fish tank. This has been a source of fun and wonder this past weekend. He's added some interesting creatures...urchins, shrimp, anenomes, starfish, crab, snail, clown fish, bi-color angel fish, and 2 dragon fish. It's been more fun watching the fish tank than tv! He also has 2 artificial jellyfish. Now I'm having fun with my 2 older grandsons, Christopher and Noel. I texted a picture to them and told them I have a pet jellyfish that I'm keeping in Jim's fish tank. When I get home I have to set up my Beta tank and when it's ready, Jim will ship me my jellyfish. (I've already purchased one of the artificial jellyfish at the fish store.)  They think it is really cool that Grandma has a jellyfish for a pet.! I also text them pictures of some of the other creatures in Jim's tank.Then when I get my tank all set up jellyfish and all, the boys and come over and see him. Here's the picture I sent them....I can't wait to see their faces when they see it floating in my Beta tank. Noel has been after me to get another Beta fish anyway. This is as good an excuse as any. Afterall, the tank will already be set up. So I'll see if Nate will take us to the closest pet store and let Noel pick out a Beta fish. He will be very happy. Especially since next winter he'll be taking it home while I come back to Arizona for the winter. And I have a feeling the Beta will not be coming back to Grandma's house!!! Christopher has a tarantula and Noel doesn't have anything. They have a normal pet too...Cesar, the dog.

God's blessings to you all for a good night or good morning depending on what part of the world you are in. Hugs.


Where do you hail from? And QCA Get Together Update
Fri, Dec 9 2011 10:03 AM

I was just posting on Where Do You Hail From? I noticed that there were some ladies from Parkman and Chagrin Falls. I live in Bedford and Chagrin Falls isn't too awfully far away. Parkman is a bit farther.  Would you ladies be interested in starting a Reap What You Sew quilting group? All quilts would be donated to charity. Please contact me if you are interested. If anyone else is interested, please contact me.

I am working on a QCA get together in the Phoenix area. Most likely to be around mid-Feb and I'm trying to get the fellowship hall at the church so we can do a pot-luck to keep costs down. Would love if any QCA team members live in the area could come as our guests. There will be some Reap What You Sew'ers there. They are so excited about meeting fellow quilters. And if you QCA'ers need quilting buddies, RWYS is your answer! They are a wonderful group of ladies. They distributed over 2500 quilts to charity this year!

Since arriving in AZ, I've been shopping, sewing, Bible study, Advent services, shopping, out to lunch, sewing, out to visit Jim & Sheila's former neighbor's for dinner,laundry, and 1 nap. And I haven't been here a full week yet! WOW! I wonder what the rest of the week will bring...and next week. I know I have to visit the chiropractor, Bible study, Advent services, Sunday services, Sunday Bible class, and probably Tai Chi. Who knows what else will pop up? I am definately more social and get out more here in Arizona than in Ohio. My friends in Ohio have definately let me down with the exception of my cousin Deb, who lives an hour away.  But I don't want to dwell on that while I'm in Arizona. I want to enjoy my friends here while I can. Altho Deb and I have talked twice since I've left Ohio. We'll keep in touch. She's a sweetie.

Been working on a table runner for Pastor and his wife Susan. I took all the mistakes from the Eleanor Burns Lovers Knot table runner I made for my friend Jan.  I just reworked the color combination for the same pattern and have the same table runner in a different color configuration. So now I don't have a lot of wasted expensive fabric, but I have a beautiful gift. God is so good and awesome! And on that note, I wish you all an awesome day with God's blessings.

RWYS Christmas Party
Wed, Dec 7 2011 4:18 PM

Last night was the Reap What You Sew Christmas Party. It was wonderful to see everyone again. The food was great as usual...quilters know their food! The tables were decorated beautifully.  Our president Sandy read a quilter's version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas. Some presentations were made. I was able to make an announcement about the QCA get together and tell everyone about how wonderful you all are. Now I have to get the logistics together. Everyone at RWYS was very excited about the get together. The party ended with the potholder dash. Those who wish to participate either make or buy a Christmas potholder, put it in a brown paper bag, which are put in a pile at one end of the room. Participants are then lined up at the other end of the room. At the count of 3, everyone dashes for the bags. You keep the bag that you grab. There has never been any pushing and never anyone hurt that I know of. I don't take chances I have a substitute dash for me. There were 2 years in a row I ended up with the potholder that I brought.  I don't have to take home that same potholder this year! God is so good!!!!!!

This morning I went to Bible study and Advent services. It was good to see everyone at church and to receive a lot of hugs. I was quite hug deprived. Pastor Murphy gets thinner every time I see him, but he still gives great hugs. And his teasing is never ending! There are some new faces that I look forward to getting to know this winter. I met one of the ladies last night at the RWYS Christmas Party and she is a delight....and a quilter too! Love to add quilters to our congregation! I understand she's been a big asset to our little group at Holy Cross. Our little RWYS group meets this Friday. I can hardly wait. I understand they are holding a quilt just for me to finish so they can raffle for one reason or another. I hope they don't want it done immediately. Kinda got my hands full already and I've only been here 4 days. Pastor asked for more Baptism cloths because he's using the last one in the next week. I was ready for that request because my neighbor had given me some fabric and crosses that she never used and wanted to know if I could use it. Now is that God working or what?

On that note, I've got a table runner that I need to get back to if I'm going to have it done in time for Christmas along with a couple other items. Take care and have a blessed day.

OK God, Where's the Heat??
Tue, Dec 6 2011 9:32 AM

I lived in Arizona for almost 11 years and the past two years that I've become a snowbird it seems the winters have become colder! What gives? I don't remember the winters being this cold when I lived here. Altho I shouldn't complain considering back home in Ohio it is much, much colder. The snow I left behind has melted and they are getting rain. It will soon become snow again. And living just outside of Cleveland, we get the lake effect off Lake Erie coming from Canada. That means we get dumped on. We are the snow belt capital of Ohio. So thank you God than I am here and not back home. But could you please turn up the heat a little bit? Pretty please??

Well, yesterday was spent mostly getting use to Sheila's computer and fighting with the printer. It kept spitting out gobbly gook....pages at a time, wasting paper and ink. I found a way around it but it took forever and a day...all day it seemed. I finished just before Jim got home from work. 

 When Sheila got home we went to one of our favorite stores, Jim's too. Yes ladies and gents...Jim sews. We went to JoAnn Etc. A couple hours later and a much thinner wallet, we finally emerged. Every time I go to that particular JoAnn's I spent money. I love their fabric selections and their bargin bin. I didn't even get to the remnant bin; otherwise i would have spent far more than I could really afford. Not that I didn't already! I almost fell over when all Jim and Sheila bought were 2 patterns!! Those two are up to something I can tell. When I saw Jim's pattern I knew. He's planning another pirate coat. Oh boy.....better put my thinking cap on! Last year he asked me to help him with a coat. Ok no problem, the pattern was basic. Then he wanted to line it, ok not a problem even tho the pattern didn't call for it. Then he changed his mind and wanted to make it a reversable coat....HE WANTED TO WHAT????? That took some thinking for a day or two, but I came up with a plan. We made 2 coats and put them together. Now that took some planning with the cuffs and lapels, but we did it. Actually I should say Jim did it. Jim sewed it all, I supervised. He had to sew on 56 buttons. It turned out great. I'll have to have Jim give me a photo of him in the coat so I can post it.  The only photo I have is with the whole gang. For Sheila this year we are going to make a new corset. You think easy? HA!  And for me? I just altered last year's costume to fit better. Next year I hope to be another story. I have a new pattern. It's a secret. Let's just say I may not be saying "Help, Help, I've been captured by pirates!"

This is going to be short. Plenty to do today. Have to bake brownies for tonight's Reap What You Sew Christmas party. Oh, I can hardly wait to see everyone! I had spoken to Sandy (the president) about having the QCA get together in February for those of us who are out here in Phoenix. And tonight I get to tell everyone about QCA and how wonderful you all are! You see I'm hoping to have some Reap What You Sew'ers  at the get together also. This way those who don't have quilting buddies  or if you do have quilting buddies can meet other quilting buddies.  Is God awesome or what? The greatest treasure He gives us is the treasure of friendship. God's blessings for a wonderful day.

My First Day in Arizona
Mon, Dec 5 2011 8:15 AM

What to do? Everyone else was sleeping. I was too excited to sleep besides the fact I'm an early riser.  Got caught up on emails, QCA, and Facebook and finished unpacking. Only I didn't know where to put all my sewing projects. After all Sheila and Jim just moved here a few months ago and they are still unpacking themselves. So I just consolidated all the sewing stuff into one box and left in my bedroom for now.

Jim is in the process of setting up his 20 gallon salt water fish tank. Way cool! He just has a few more glitches to work out then he's ready for some fish Can't wait! Salt water fish are so beautiful to watch. Meanwhile he found some fake jellyfish and put in the tank. They are fun. I have 2 beta fish tanks at home. So I'm planning to get 2 of the fake jellyfish to take home and set up my beta tanks with the fake jellyfish. Then when Christopher and Noel come over I can show them my pet jellyfish! Can't wait to see their reactions!!!!!! hehehe!

My friend and Arizona caregiver came over after church and we went to lunch at Paradise Bakery. They have wonderful sandwiches, soups, salads, and of course, bakery. I love their turkey cranberry on molasses bread sandwich. It's like having Thanksgiving dinner minus the dressing on one sandwich. Since I missed out on Thanksgiving dinner this year I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into one of these sandwiches. It was ohhhhhh sooooooo good! And you get a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie for desert. It was very tempting to get one of their freshly baked scones, however, Barb was with me. Barb watches my diet very closely. The cookie was enough carbs for lunch. Barb and I sat visited for quite a while. Could have visited much longer but Jim and Sheila were due at their former neighbors for a get together and I needed a nap before going over there. So Barb took me back and we will get together again on Wednesday for Bible study and Advent services.

Took my nap and off we went to the old neighbors for an evening get together. Alyssa (not sure I spelled it correctly or if I even have the name correctly) and Cliff were just married in May. She is so tiny and I do mean tiny, but she is in the National Guard. Yes you heard me correctly. I have seen her in her uniform going off to work last winter. Cliff is a Phoenix policeman. They are a delightful couple and we had a very pleasant evening visiting and eating. But by 9:00 pm I have to admit I could barely hold my eyes open anymore...have to remember my body is still on Ohio time and thinking it is 11:00 pm.

And speaking of sleeping....who says I have sleep apnea and need that nasty c-pap? Last night I slept like a baby. Did not wake up once, not even to piddle! And that was without using the c-pap. One of my chores today is to clean the nose pads...haven't cleaned them in a while. They're to be cleaned everyday. I need to change the filter too. I admit I'm fighting the use of this machine because my claustrophobia can't stand anything on my face like the mask. I feel like the nose pads are smothering me. The mask that went over my nose and mouth was worse because I broke out in hives. I refuse to even consider the full face mask. Help me!!! They are trying to smother me!!!! Helllllllppppp!

So what am I doing today? Hmmmmm. Jim and Sheila are off to work as it's Monday. That leaves Indie and me. Hmmmmm......Let me consult Indie. I'll get back to you on our plans.

Thank you Jesus for bringing me safely back to Arizona and to my friends, who for some weird reason want to keep me here. Thank you for the gift of friendship. Amen.

God's blessings for a great week.

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I'm in Arizona - Yipee!!
Sun, Dec 4 2011 9:39 AM

Arrived this morning @ 12:47AM! I highly recommend a sleeping car if you are traveling Amtrak. I slept well the 2 nights and napped most of the 3 days. After several days on Nexium for the acid reflux and keeping my legs elevated, I'm feeling much better. Disappointed that the rain seems to have followed me down here; but I'm told it will be gone by Tuesday and will be bright and sunny again. Hallelujah!!

 Other than Chicago Union Station the trip itself was uneventful. The Red Cap Service personnel doesn't seem to understand what wheelchairs are meant for. Red Cap Service once again proved their inability to care for the handicapped. They put my carry on luggage in the wheelchair and left me standing! When they returned, I asked where the wheelchair was and if they were going to take me to where I needed to be to catch my next train. The answer was the lounge for sleeping car passengers is around the corner. Your wheelchair and luggage are there. I attempted to explain the wheelchair was for me, not my luggage. However, he left me standing there! So I was forced to walk to the lounge.My ankles looked like tree stumps and I was lucky to get shoes on that morning.  The service in the lounge did not improve. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep and almost missed my train!!!! Not one person asked if I needed assistance. Every time I go thru Chicago Union Station it is like this. If there was a way to avoid it I would; however, everywhere I travel via Amtrak I have to go thru Union Station. And the only way I can travel is Amtrak. So once again, I will file another complaint. Wonder what they do to those who are severely handicapped? I don't want to go there.

So on a better note. I'm ready to start my first day in Arizona. My friends are still in bed least that's what I'm assuming they are doing. I'm here getting caught up on the computer....I was about to go into withdrawal without a computer or sewing machine for 3 days. Have to figure out  a way to afford a laptop before next winter. Haven't figured out how a sewing machine could work on a train. But I did embroider a laundry bag made from a vintage pillowcase. One of my friends from church is going to stop by after services. I thought I might fall asleep during services if I tried to go this morning. It's actually quite chilly this morning. Yes, mornings can be chilly in the desert. I brought plenty of clothes to layer. As the day warms up, just shed a layer.

Oh, I think I hear Indie. She's the cutest little 12 lb. Havanese and she loves her Auntie Linda and her Auntie Linda adores her. I got kisses when I got off the train and when we got in the car and when we got home and when she jumped on my bed and when we sat on the sofa. You get the idea. I get accused of spoiling her a little bit. Ok a lot. But isn't that what aunties are suppose to do? You see Indie is a service dog. A hearing dog to be exact. Her master is deaf altho you'd never know it sometimes. I'm told if I spoil her too much that she forgets her duties. Oh give me a break! It's not like I'm here 24/7/365 days a year!  OK 90-120 days in a row might affect her job a little bit. She tries to sneak into bed with me and one of her important jobs is to wake Jim in the morning when his alarm goes off for work during the week.  So can't I spoil just a teenie weenie little bit? It's not like I get to see her every day? Indie and I have to work on how to get around this.

For now that's it folks! Have to check emails and Facebook. Thank you Lord Jesus for the safe trip. Amen.