Count Down - 2 Days to Go!

Published Tue, Nov 29 2011 4:56 AM

Thank you Lord Jesus! I just might get out of this rainy climate. I feel like I should be looking for Noah's ark and flagging him down! Of course, with all those animals, he may not have room for any more passengers! If my feet continue to swell, I just might have webbed feet before I know it. Maybe God is turning me into a beautiful swan! You know from an ugly duckling into the beautiful swan. Then I can just fly south for the winter. Being a swan would be much cheaper to fly than going by any airlines or by Amtrak. Swans just have to flap their beautiful wings.

My lunch yesterday went well. We certainly ate well! Pastor started us off with prayer before we dug into all the food. Edye brought an apple pie to go along with all the muffins and brownies. The girls were able to go back to the shop and work off that lunch. We opened all our Christmas presents. Someone might think that I like fabric and sunflowers for my kitchen because that's what I got. hehehe!! Bea gave me a beautiful set of sunflower mugs and some note cards. Edye gave me a sunflower apron cutout, snowmen panels (I collect snowmen), the book Quilt of Joy by Mary Tatem, and the leftover apple pie! Lynda gave me my wish list from Connecting Threads. It's for my plaid quilt like I made for Uncle Skip. I already started cutting it out yesterday afternoon.

The agenda for today is pain management doctor, come home for lunch. There will be a jewelry party going on at my house when I get home. My cousin Deb's neighbor Gina sells jewelry. My massage therapist (also a Deb)  is having the party and she was going to cancel the party because she had no where to have it, so  I loaned her my house. Then Cousin Deb is taking me to do some errands. Then another doctor appointment to find out results of ct scan. When I get home from that appointment I want to finish the Psalm 23 wall hanging I'm making for Pastor Murphy in Arizona. I just have to finish the binding and put the sleeve on the back for a hanging rod. I hope to post it tomorrow morning. When I had my accident Pastor would recite the Psalm 23 to me when I was in the coma. Then later when he would bring me communion he would recite the Psalm 23. And even now in church on ocassion he will recite it before or while preparing for communion. So now I  think of communion and Psalm 23 together.

I best get the day started or I will miss that first doctor appointment. Don't want to do that since I've had to cancel so many of my appointments with this doctor due to the asthma problems. So much has happened since my last appointment, so we  have lots to talk about today.  God's blessings to everyone out there for a wonderful day today. Stay dry.


# Barbara said on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 4:10 PM

Linda, the messages is much easier to read now . Thanks for the hug .barbara

# Kathy M. Boice said on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 6:40 PM

I wonder how webbed feet would do for sewing? Suppose they would help? I think we all will have them soon in this neck of the woods. LOL I hope all of your appointments went well and you feel better when you arrive to your destination! Ohio will miss you, but Arizona is ready for ya!! Hugs,