God Did I Sleep Thru Dec. 1?? Did I miss the train?

Published Fri, Nov 25 2011 6:48 PM

God, what day is it? Did I sleep thru Dec. 1 and miss the train? Oh, I couldn't have because I still have my days and nights mixed up, don't I?  I sleep all day almost and then I wake  up in the evening. Bummer! I tried to watch Christmas movies yesterday and today...notice I said tried. I slept thru each and every one of them in spite of the cough that has returned with a vengence. All the laying around has reduced the size of my ankles and legs. They are back to normal size.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! Praise God!!

Hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving day. I stayed awake long enough to talk to my mom and to my brother Rick in Wisconsin. Several friends text their greetings. My 2 grandsons that I usually spend time with had to go to their dad's this holiday weekend. I pray they are enjoying it and that my son is not being the hot headed socio-path and making the boys miserable. This is at the top of my prayer list this weekend. Please God protect Christopher and Noel while they are in Chris' custody and bring them home safely. If Your will, Oh Lord, may Chris' hatred be turned to love someday. May his hatred not ruin the boys' lifes. The boys were doing so well when Chris was not a part of their lives, but he has returned and has had an influence on them again that is affecting their behavior. Once again we have to rely on Your will, dear God.

Meanwhile, Dec. 1 is fast approaching and I still have a lot of packing to do. Today my c-pap and nebulizer were calibrated. They are ready to travel. My walker and wheelchair are in the sunroom ready to go.  My large suitcase is 1/2 packed; hope I have enough room. I've already shipped 3 boxes of sewing supplies,winter reading, Christmas presents, and summer clothes. I have 1 more box of winter projects to work on that will ship on Monday. The projects are already pre-cut; I just have to put them together. (I've already started cutting out my plaid quilt. There are over 400 squares to cut.)

My friends, I have a busy week coming up and hopefully I can stay awake during the day for it!! God bless each of you. I am so happy God has led me to QCA! You have been my life line.



# Pamela said on Saturday, November 26, 2011 5:51 PM

Keep praying for those grandsons and your son. It sounds like you have a special place in your grandson's lives. Glad to be here for you!

# Linda said on Saturday, November 26, 2011 7:50 PM

Thank you, Pamela. Your prayers are much appreciated. Christopher and Noel are the loves of my life. Two very special boys. I can't say little anymore...they're taller than me! And Noel is only 9 yrs. old! The matriarch of the family and the shortest. Life's not fair!! Grandma always told me great thing's come in small packages. She was the same height as me and as she said "pleasingly plump"!The more to hug. She loved to hug and so do I. I think I've become my grandma. Can't ask for anything better than that.