What a Party it Was!!

Published Sun, Nov 20 2011 8:11 PM

The party is over, but what a party it was!! Everyone was there except my niece Jessy. My best friend Jan had arrived Saturday morning so we could have some time to visit before everyone arrived and she could help with any last minute party plans. My brother Robert and wife Jen came and brought their 2 grandchildren Eric and Riley afterall.Christopher and Noel came a little down trodden since Ohio State lost their game. Stepdad Nate had a cornea injury which had mom Jamie quite concerned.  My son Mark and his family arrived on time. Poor little Quinn (3 yrs. old) has just woke up from a nap on the way up and had quite a bad cold. But when he saw all those presents, he was ready to dig in! Finally, Uncle Skip arrived with the food. He had agreed to pick it up for me. I had ordered it the day before and paid for it all over the phone. This way I didn't have to go out since it was getting so cold.

We had quite the buffet of food. I have a long galley kitchen lined with counters on one side. Believe me those counters were covered with food! And I had the breakfast bar covered with desserts! No one went hungry that's for sure! The little ones were getting impatient with the adults who kept eating. It wasn't until the chicken, roast beef, and mashed potatoes and gravy ran out that the adults quit eating. There were still plenty of ribs and deep dish chicken and noodles left. (Christopher, Nate, and Noel had the ribs for dinner tonight.) Finally, to the little ones delight, we opened presents.... Here's Cora with Mom and big sister Hanna. Dad is behind the quilt holding it up. I was right....Hanna likes that quilt.

Noel got a brothers collage for his new  bedroom. He pretty much hung onto that all evening. Eric is sitting with Noel.

Here's Christopher being the smart aleck teenager. Actually he played with all the little ones most of the evening. He's great with kids.

Here's Nate and Jamie. You can see how bad Nate's eye is. He really is in a lot of pain. There's Noel too.

And here's Uncle Skip with his quilt. He just loves it. He is going to give me some of his old shirts that  he was going to throw out so I can put into my quilt. I'm so excited because I will always have a part of him with me. The party was the first time he met my brother Robert and he was able to spend some time talking with him. Our dad was Uncle Skip's brother. It's a long story, but Uncle Skip was so happy to meet Robert and vice versa. It's was great to see them together and to see Uncle Skip beaming all evening. It was wonderfu!

And here we are from right to left... Uncle Skip, my brother Robert, and me. Of my siblings, I'm the oldest but also the shortest.

Here's 4 generations...Uncle Skip represents my Dad, Robert and I, then my son Mark, and his daughter Hanna. Hanna sees a camera and she's ready to pose! She can stop a temper tantrum on a dime to pose for a photo. She knows how to work it!! Also has Daddy where she wants him!

So the party ended with the little ones ready to go home to bed. Noel ended up spending the night with Jan and I. Talk about a little party animal. Jan finally went into bed at around 11:00. Noel and I stayed up a bit longer. I finally fizzled at 2:30 and Noel....well let's just say what happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's!!

Today, I crashed and burned!! My feet are very swollen again which is not going to make my doctor happy tomorrow. Noel was pretty worn out too and he just laid on the sofa and watched tv. Jan was well rested and wasn't even aware that Noel and I were up half the night.  She needed to head back home early anyway. Noel and I immediately took a nap! Jan was the photographer so there are no photos of her. However, Jamie took some too, so when those are in, there may be a photo of my friend Jan.

Thank you to those who sent good wishes before party time. The party's over...now I leave for Arizona in 9 days! I better get packing!!!!



by Linda


# Kathy M. Boice said on Sunday, November 20, 2011 10:03 PM

Thank you for sharing your party!!! Family is just the best thing God gave us! Friends, too!!

I have been alittle down but your pictures picked me up!! Hugs, Linda, your a special lady!