Christmas Party Countdown - 3 Days

Published Wed, Nov 16 2011 5:28 AM

A very special thank you to Kathy and Gayle for your encouragement over the past few days. You two are very special new friends that God has given me. We have an awesome God, who always knows our needs at the right time. Praise God!

Gayle, I will be thinking about that wall hanging. I've added it on my to do list while in Arizona.

Now down to immediate business. I only have 3 days left to the Christmas party! Finished Uncle Skip's quilt last evening.....YIPEE!!! I'll try to post later today. My camera has decided to go on the fritz so I've been using my cell phone camera. I've already started collecting plaids to make a quilt like Uncle Skip's  for myself. I have a few leftover, and I just ordered a plaid fat quarter collection that was on sale from Keepsake. This is a quilt that has light, medium, and dark values. It's the medium value that is hard to find. In Uncle Skip's quilt I had to compromise with the medium value. Some of the mediums could be either dark or light.

I'm working on the 2nd log cabin set of blocks for the table runner...making progress now that I've got the color schemes coordinated properly (only took 3 starts). Eleanor Burns patterns confuse me the way she writes her directions. I have to photocopy them and take pieces of my fabric and tape them throughout the pattern directions. Otherwise, I sew the wrong fabrics in the wrong places, and almost never the right fabrics in the right places, etc. Or, I'm following the directions for the wrong size. All this after spending days reading and re-reading trying to make sure I'm in the right spot to begin with. Does anyone else have trouble following her directions? I had the same problem in the Egg Money book. The pattern I'm using now is the Lovers Knot. I just don't know how any of these can be done in a day. If I do all the homework up front it's not so bad. I love the finished results in spite of the headaches in getting there!!!!  I was introduced to Eleanor Burns' Egg Money book at a quilt retreat. We did the Christian can see my results in my.sewingroom gallery. I wasn't the only one having problems following where we were suppose to be in the book with the directions. Once you figure it out, you end up with a gorgeous quilt!

Back to the Christmas party. I'm in good shape with Christmas gifts...finally. I am not going to pull out Christmas decorations. I'm starting to feel better after all the asthma over the past 7 weeks but my legs are still swollen. I've put the maroon tablecloth with a Christmas table runner down the middle and set a beautiful plant in the center of the table. I had picked up a set of blocks at a thrift store the other day when my cousin took me to lunch that spell Noel (and that just happens to be one of my grandson's name too). I set those by the plant. It looks quite festive. When I went to the Country Living fair in September, I had bought a ladder so I had that brought in and I'm now displaying some of the crocheted blankets my mom made me and the woven throws I have. Take a look.The glare from the picture window makes it look dark. And I have the shade pulled! We actually had some sun yesterday afternoon for a while. It rained all day Monday. Isn't this a unique way to display quilts and blankets? I forget where I got the idea from. But it works for me. I have other blankets Mom has made but they are displayed in the guest bedroom.

Food for the party. I'm cheating and taking the easy way out!!!! Bob Evans is a wonderful restaurant here in Ohio that has the most wonderful home style down on the farm home style food. Just like Grandma made down on the farm home style food. Get my drift??? It's call 1-800-Restaurant!! If I'm up to it later today and tomorrow and maybe even Friday I might, I said I might, make cookie and brownies for the grandkids. If I don't bake by Friday, then it's grocery store bakery. Oh well....this Grandma has pushed to get the Christmas gifts done in time for the party. They may have to wait till spring for the baked goods!

 Besides Christopher and Noel has eaten me out of house and home all summer when they've been over. Brownies don't last 10 minutes and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies even less! Double batches might last 5 minutes longer!! Those are 2 growing boys....ages 14 and 9. They are the only grandchildren I see on a regular basis. They come and take care of their grandma. They are the reason for the Christmas party. When I announced I was leaving for Arizona before Christmas, Christopher started crying...yes a 14 year old male. He thought that I was moving back to Arizona and he was not going to let his grandma move back to that Arizona place! He just got me back and he wasn't going to loose me again. WOW! That was powerful and I started crying. So to reassure him I said we could have Christmas before I left. Christopher and I have a special bond. I was there when he was born and I was the first grandparent to hold him. He was less than 1 hour old. He is the love of my life.

But Noel and I have a special bond too. He was my birthday present in 2002. Yes we share a birthday. He calls me on our birthday and sings happy birthday to us! Noel has personality plus. The summer I moved back to Ohio Noel came and stayed the whole summer with me. What a little worker he was! He moved boxes around, helped me unpack, moved more boxes, went to the pool and Dairy Queen, unpacked more boxes, flatened boxes, moved even more boxes, went to the pool and Dairy Queen again, watched  a little tv, stayed up past bedtime (shhhh don't tell his mom...what happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's).  This summer he wasn't able to spend as much time with me because his real dad (my son) is trying to legally stop me from seeing my grandchildren. That's for another discussion on another day.

These are 2 special boys who are having a special Christmas with Grandma. It just so happens their Uncle Mark and Aunt Heather are coming with their cousins Hanna ,  Quinn, and new cousin Cora. The boys are excited because they don't get to see them very often either...just like Grandma. Also one of my long lost brothers, Robert and his wife will be here. It will be the first time Robert is meeting any of my family. And one of my best friends Jan will also be here. She has known my children since they were teenagers. So she has seen them grow up, get married and have children. And of course, Uncle Skip is coming. This is the first time he is meeting Robert. Robert is excited about meeting Uncle Skip for the first time. It's a long story...perhaps another time.

This is a special Christmas.Who said Christmas had to be on December 25? I can still celebrate our Lord's birth. I can celebrate my family. I pray that someday all of my family can be together again. That someday those who aren't with us this weekend will someday open the eyes of their hearts to Jesus and that they will let go of their hatred and anger. The hatred and anger is of their own making and/or those they chose to be with. It has hurt a lot of people and broken up families. The children are the ones who suffer from that hatred and anger. Lord Jesus, you know your plan and we have to trust that the childlren are safe when in their father's  custody and that your will be done in the future. We ask for your blessings for  wonderful getting to know a new family Christmas. We praise you Jesus and wish you Happy Birthday. Amen.



# Gramz Quilts said on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 9:17 AM

We don't need a calendar to tell us when to celebrate. Your Christmas celebration will be lovely.