One Week to Christmas Party

Published Sat, Nov 12 2011 1:33 PM

Next Saturday is the Christmas Party! I think I'm in pretty good shape...just 4 projects to go....I think. Woke up yesterday with my ankles swollen again. So trying to sit back today with my legs elevated. Not doing a very good job at it. Only got 1 hour sleep last night with so much on my mind.

My daughter-in-law Rhoda has been on my mind the past 2 days. I think of her as the daughter I never had. I am so proud of her, but cannot go into all the whys here. Let's just say because of my son we both have had to overcome a lot of hurt and we've cried some long distance tears together.  She and the children are now living back in California with her parents. I don't blame her one bit, and  we keep in constant touch. I had had hopes of going to see them this winter; however with the market dropping so much this fall, the money isn't there so I can travel to where they live. We use skype as a substitute. I tickle the kids and they went along with it and just laughed and giggled. I've showed them photos of my new home here in Ohio so they can see where I live. I even had my best friend's cocker spaniel spend the night so we could all play together. Joshua asks what I'm sewing so I've shown him whatever quilt I'm working on unless it was his quilt, of course. Mila is a little monkey and is up and down. I play hide and seek with the webcam. She's funny because she looks under their desk for me! I'm waiting for the next skype visit. I've got quite a pile here on my desk of things to show them.  The pile is getting so big that some of it rolls off the desk!! I got 2 new snowmen ornaments that roll. I miss those little rugrats!!!!

Still sewing like crazy. Discovered I didn't have enough coaster sets. Had to make 1 more set. Made 10 luggage tags and got everything tagged for my trip. Then decided to make a couple for a gift. Realized I needed a few last minute gifts for the Christmas party. Whipped up 4 of the 10 minute table runners. I forget who posted that suggestion, but you are a god send!!!! My neighbor liked it so well, she went home to make some for gifts too. I just have a log cabin type table runner to make yet, bind my uncle's quilt, alter my pirate costume, and get 2 gifts for (2) 5 yr olds before next Saturday. Oh yeah, get my legs elevated!!!! What ever happened to my pain management plan? Hmmmm....wonder which I'm going to do first? Maybe I'll get some lunch and sit watch tv for a while with my legs up. Maybe I'll even take a short nap. zzzzzzzzz


# Pamela said on Saturday, November 12, 2011 3:26 PM

For not sleeping, you sure have a lot of energy to sew.

# Linda said on Saturday, November 12, 2011 6:38 PM

Pam I won't tell you how many times I've fallen asleep at the sewing machine and/or the computer!! If I sit down to do some hand sewing, I've fallen asleep and awaken an hour later.  This afternoon my head hit the keyboard! Problem is I can't stay asleep.I am hoping that I will sleep 3 days and 2 nights on that train!!!! The clickety clack hopefully will mezmerize me into sleep. However, if I'm still congested and coughing. I'll be in the same boat I'm currently in. Today I didn't accomplish much other than ripping.I don't have energy at this point and I haven't a clue what I'm running on, but it's running out fast!! Thanks for your concerns. My projects are almost done and I'll have another post in a couple days. Thanks be to God!!