20 Days and Counting

Published Thu, Nov 10 2011 4:17 PM

Not that I'm getting anxious to get out of the Ohio weather, but I've decided that breathing is a very good thing! As Pastor said yesterday during his visit, "oxygen helps, too!" The mold counts are record high and I'm not suppose to go outside at all, but if I have to I must wear one of those masks. I'm not sure which is worse...breathing moldy air or recycled breath!!! Not to mention fogged up glasses!! The doctor has put me on yet another round of antibiotics and in 10 days I have to have a CT scan. My lymph nodes are swollen...not good.

On to brighter things. Still sewing up a storm...keeps my mind occupied on more positive things. Cora's quilt is done and posted. Uncle Skip's quilt is just waiting for the binding and label. Almost all the Christmas presents are wrapped and waiting for our early Christmas party. I just need one more gift for Quinn who is 3, but I think I've decided to make him a "HUG" pillow. The older kids got their "HUG" pillow when they were about 3 or 4. So I think Quinn has come of age. Besides he's getting too fast for Grandma to chase after him for the real hugs! 

Today I also started making luggage tags. I lost all my luggage a couple months ago when my sewage pipes collapsed in the front yard and forced sewage back into my basement. YUCK!  Since I can't go up and down stairs, fortunately there is very little  kept in the basement. Although grandson Christopher thinks it would make a great  apartment for him to live in.

I think this all for today. My days and nights are still mixed up and this is the time I'm about to fall asleep without warning. Oh, to sleep a normal night again and in my bed, not the recliner!! God blessings and peace be with you.                                                                                                                              

by Linda
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# Gayle Decker said on Thursday, November 10, 2011 9:19 PM

I am so impressed that you have gotten so far on your Christmas list. Isn't it great that quilting doesn't take a lot of extra oxygen. How people manage to go outside and run for exercise amazes me when going outside usually makes me require my nebulizer. Good thing we don't run marathons isn't it?

I agree with you about those masks. I have given them up except when the pollen counts are really high. I gather that your main problem is mold. I didn't realize that Ohio had such high mold levels. I live in Oregon, in the Willamette Valley and most of the grass seed sold worldwide is grown in my area. Not very good planning on my part since I am allergic to rye grass and several other types of grass. Some day I will move but until then I stay in the grass seed capital of the world. In winter all I worry about is dust mites and some molds. Inside and out I can find something to sneeze at.

Does going to Arizona really help? I have heard that it is helpful to go to the desert but I don't know.

The luggage tags sound brilliant. When we travel I am never sure which luggage is ours and have often thought a bright tag would make identification easier. Maybe I'll get around to that project now. Thank you so much for the idea. Like I said before I tend to start several projects at a time and have trouble finishing them since my attention is always easily taken up with a new design or other. Right now I am working on a New York Beauty for my daughter (she lives in New York City), a strip pieced table runner in 30's fabrics, a wall hanging sampler that is inspired by our trips to Vermont, a Christmas theme table runner that I pieced 12 or so years ago when I managed the fabric department at a local craft store, a small celtic knot pincushion and a couple of tea towels that I have nearly finished the embroidery for. I have finished four wall hangings for my grandsons (2 each) and a lap size quilt for myself this summer. My grandsons are both autistic and have recently moved to a residential school in up state New York and I wanted them to have something colorful to hang in their rooms. Transitions are very hard for autistic kids and I couldn't be there to see how they were doing so I made quilts. Not the same, but the best I could do. Neither boy has any language so I can't talk with them, but to know they show their enjoyment of the quilts makes it worthwhile.

Hope your CT turns out well. Sorry about the antibiotics though. They are so valuable but can be so unpleasant to take. When I am on antibiotics I just can't seem to eat enough yogurt. You have all of my best wishes and hope this episode will soon be over. Take care and keep quilting.   Gayle

# Linda said on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 12:50 AM


Can't remember if I answered your comment or not. Things have been a bit crazy. The only reason I've gotten so far on my Christmas list is because we are having Christmas this Saturday to reassure my grandsons Christopher and Noel that I am not moving back to ARizona. Normally I don't go until after Christmas, but because I'm having asthma issues I need to go earlier this year. So to reassure them I told them we could have Christmas before I left. It made them feel a little better. Christopher is 14 and he was crying when I told him I had to go to AZ early this year. He actually was in a panic.

You have your hands full with autistic grandsons. Have they made the transition ok now?

The luggage tags turned out great! I made 10 since I'm traveling with my walker, wheelchair, c-pap, nebulizer, carry-on, check-in luggage, medicine bag (I have to carry all my meds in a separate case on the train), and I have a couple extra just in case. How are all your projects coming along? I'm like that too. I get several projects going at the same time. At the moment they are all finishing up. I'm down to 3 projects in the final stages. But I've already shipped 4 projects to Arizona for the winter, plus I'll be making some Renaissance costumes, and I'm taking some knitting on the train. And I'm sure I'll hit a quilt shop or 2 while I'm down there. I've already 2 quilt projects for the spring when I get home...actually more than that, but 2 that will be started for sure.

So don't worry I'm always quilting. You do the same. Keep in touch. God's blessings. Linda