2 Most Recent Quilts

Published Wed, Nov 9 2011 3:00 PM

Cora's quilt is done and posted in the Show n Tell. I want to post it in my album on Facebook so bad, but then my daughter-in-law will see it. I'm not giving it to them until our Christmas party on the 19th. I'm so happy with the way the quilt turned out. Somehow when I saw that pattern in the magazine, I just knew it was for my then unborn granddaughter. Heather and Mark hadn't even revealed yet what they were going to name her. That wasn't revealed until she was actually born. Cora is such a beautiful little flower and the Trellis Garden quilt is perfectly suited for her.

Yesterday I received back from the longarm quilter my uncle's quilt. OMG!! If I must say so myself, WOW! It is gorgeous. Wendy did such a beautiful job on it. I just have to get my label finished and bind the quilt. I can hardly contain myself!! Uncle Skip is coming to the Christmas party too. He is and has been my favorite uncle since I was a toddler. He still talks about some of my antics and all I can do is smile. You would think I should be embarassed that he tells on me, but he's laughing so hard as he's telling stories about me that I can't be embarassed. I just laugh along with him. Most of the stories are true! I was a pistol!! Grandma and Grandpa did spoil me...I admit it! And I enjoyed every minute of it! I thank God for every memory I have of my grandparents. Life back then was much simpler.

Too bad today's world isn't so simple. Everything has to be so complicated. Today I don't feel like being complicated. I just want to get back to my sewing machine and sew, sew, sew! Isn't it great that we live in a country where we can be able to make the choice to do just that? God is truly awesome. Let's keep God in our country. Shall we? God's blessings and Peace be with all of you.