QCA Get Together This Winter in Phoenix/Scottsdale Area

Published Sat, Nov 5 2011 9:38 AM

Ok now. I've been meeting a lot of you gals who are either living or wintering in the Phoenix and/or Scottsdale area and I'm loosing track of all of you. Sooooo, how about all of us getting together say in February and having a lunch? This way we can all meet face to face and spend some quality time together. I could probably rent the party room at the pool house where I'm staying and we could do pot luck. It would keep the costs down...in other words no expensive restaurants. That way we could spend a whole afternoon together. You could bring show and tell and  we could see the real thing. Anyone interested?? Please send me your contact information and I will contact you after the holidays and we will do this. I think this could be a lot of fun to actually meet all of you.

PS. I will invite some of the gals from Reap What You Sew and introduce you to one of the most exciting quilt guilds I have ever met!! I understand they are distributing almost 2400 quilts next week to various charities!

One of God's greatest treasures are the friends He gives us! Quilters are the best friends!!


# mars92 said on Saturday, November 5, 2011 11:02 PM

I will be happy to attend! Marlene

# Maggie said on Monday, November 7, 2011 9:45 PM

I'll be there

# Linda said on Monday, November 7, 2011 10:32 PM

I'll be contacting you sometime in January. We'll get together probably in February. It will take me some time to get a place and organize some of the gals from Reap What You Sew. I've already talked to the President of the group. She is so excited!!