Getting ready for Christmas @ Thanksgiving Time

Published Wed, Nov 2 2011 8:25 AM

Now that I'm leaving for Arizona on December 1, I won't be here to have Christmas with my family. I make a majority of my Christmas presents. Now I'm in rush mode to finish before Thanksgiving so I can give my grandchildren their presents early this year. I pray a lot...before I sit down to my machine, before I cut out a new project, while I'm working on a project, and a prayer of thanksgiving when I finish a project. The other day I found it didn't pay to rush because I spent most of the day ripping out almost everything I had done. Yesterday I had so much traffic coming thru the house that I didn't even attempt to sew. Today I am going to attempt to make up for the past three days.

My last productive day was Sunday. I made 3 more Abbey bags. I have to tell you...they are so cute and make adorable Christmas presents for your sewing/quilting girlfriends. I have made a total of 5 so far. Don't forget to make 1 for yourself.  I have also made 4 sets of coasters and plan to make another set today. I also plan to finish the table topper for my mom today. Perhaps tomorrow I can finish the quilt for my granddaughter. I think I've figured out how to fnish the borders. Just couldn't find a border template that suited me. I even went through all my friend's templates. I found some on-line, but need to watch the budget since I'm going to be spending an extra month in Arizona this year.

My latest Christmas gift I started last evening is a recipe book for the friends that I'll be staying with. Sheila and Jim love some of my cooking and last winter they had me bring some of my recipes with me. So rather than cart all that with me back and forth, I am making them a cookbook of my recipes that can stay with them. It is being made in a scrapbook format like the one I made for myself. The pages are 8-1/2 x 11 and are kept in page protectors in a loose leaf notebook. This is a late night project when I'm too tired to sew.

You all have a great day. It's time to get busy at the sewing machine. God's blessings.