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2 Most Recent Quilts
Wed, Nov 9 2011 3:00 PM

Cora's quilt is done and posted in the Show n Tell. I want to post it in my album on Facebook so bad, but then my daughter-in-law will see it. I'm not giving it to them until our Christmas party on the 19th. I'm so happy with the way the quilt turned out. Somehow when I saw that pattern in the magazine, I just knew it was for my then unborn granddaughter. Heather and Mark hadn't even revealed yet what they were going to name her. That wasn't revealed until she was actually born. Cora is such a beautiful little flower and the Trellis Garden quilt is perfectly suited for her.

Yesterday I received back from the longarm quilter my uncle's quilt. OMG!! If I must say so myself, WOW! It is gorgeous. Wendy did such a beautiful job on it. I just have to get my label finished and bind the quilt. I can hardly contain myself!! Uncle Skip is coming to the Christmas party too. He is and has been my favorite uncle since I was a toddler. He still talks about some of my antics and all I can do is smile. You would think I should be embarassed that he tells on me, but he's laughing so hard as he's telling stories about me that I can't be embarassed. I just laugh along with him. Most of the stories are true! I was a pistol!! Grandma and Grandpa did spoil me...I admit it! And I enjoyed every minute of it! I thank God for every memory I have of my grandparents. Life back then was much simpler.

Too bad today's world isn't so simple. Everything has to be so complicated. Today I don't feel like being complicated. I just want to get back to my sewing machine and sew, sew, sew! Isn't it great that we live in a country where we can be able to make the choice to do just that? God is truly awesome. Let's keep God in our country. Shall we? God's blessings and Peace be with all of you.


Days & Nights Mixed Up - Oh Boy!!
Mon, Nov 7 2011 6:06 PM

Since I've been bouncing off the walls from all the albuterol/nebulizer treatments, I haven't been sleeping well....except when I sit down in front of the tv to do some hand sewing. Then I'm out for an hour or two at time!! The doctors took me off those treatments so I can come back to earth, but now I'm back to coughing again. Still can't sleep nights, but doing pretty good during the day. Yesterday it was 8:00 PM, yes I said PM, before I was awake enough to sit down and do any type of sewing. I had dozed all day long. It was 4:00 am this morning before I went back to bed.  The upside to all of this would be that I'm not being interrupted and I'm getting more Christmas projects finished in time before our very early Christmas party. I only have about 2 more presents to complete. Yahoo!!!! Finished Cora's quilt this morning. Will try to post it tomorrow. But Shhhhh, don't tell who it's for. I don't want her mommy seeing it before the Christmas party. Oh and I finished my friend Lynda's apron with these hunks of cowboys on it. Is she ever going to be surprised! And her daughter and daughter-in-law are going to be sooooo jealous!! Take a look! I don't remember who suggested the 10 minute table runner, but thank you!!! What a fantastic gift! I've made 2 so far and plan to make 1 or 2 more.

It was hard to explain to my 2 oldest grandsons, Christopher and Noel, that I had to leave for Arizona before Christmas this year. I could hear Christopher (14) start to tear up. His first question was if I had to move back to Arizona. It took a while to assure him that I was NOT moving back to Arizona and that I just  had to spend an extra month this winter because of the weather here in Ohio. He was not going to let HIS grandma go back to that Arizona place!! As for Noel, he's off in his own world, but said he was sad because he missed coming to my house when I wasn't here. Awwww! He doesn't fool me. He misses the cookies and brownies!!!!!! I miss him too. He's still willing to give lots of hugs at the age of 9. He's also my birthday buddy so we have a special bond there.

So to compensate for my leaving early, I am having a Christmas party on November 19. The boys are coming with their Mom and their great step-dad Nate. My youngest son Mark and his family are coming. Oh heart be still...I've only seen them...let's see 3 times in the last year I think. They only live 1 hour away. I'll get to see my new granddaughter, Cora. Maybe even get to hold her! And hopefully, Hanna and Quinn won't act like they are afraid of me. I never get to see them so they don't know who I am really. Then my best friend Jan who I've known forever and has known my family forever is joining us for the weekend. And recently, I found my 3 brothers from my dad's second wife. One of them happens to live here in Ohio and he is also going to join us. I wish my Mom would join us, but at 80+ she doesn't like to travel especially at night. Christopher and Noel seemed quite happy to have an extra Christmas!

So here it is not even Thanksgiving and I'm planning Christmas! But I'm ever so thankful that I'm on this side of the grass and I can celebrate holidays with my chosen family even if they aren't inorder! Thank you Lord Jesus.

QCA Get Together This Winter in Phoenix/Scottsdale Area
Sat, Nov 5 2011 9:38 AM

Ok now. I've been meeting a lot of you gals who are either living or wintering in the Phoenix and/or Scottsdale area and I'm loosing track of all of you. Sooooo, how about all of us getting together say in February and having a lunch? This way we can all meet face to face and spend some quality time together. I could probably rent the party room at the pool house where I'm staying and we could do pot luck. It would keep the costs other words no expensive restaurants. That way we could spend a whole afternoon together. You could bring show and tell and  we could see the real thing. Anyone interested?? Please send me your contact information and I will contact you after the holidays and we will do this. I think this could be a lot of fun to actually meet all of you.

PS. I will invite some of the gals from Reap What You Sew and introduce you to one of the most exciting quilt guilds I have ever met!! I understand they are distributing almost 2400 quilts next week to various charities!

One of God's greatest treasures are the friends He gives us! Quilters are the best friends!!

So much quilting, so little time left!
Thu, Nov 3 2011 7:39 PM

Now that I'm leaving earlier than planned for the winter, it seems that there is so much to do. I've had to reschedule December doctor appointments and try to fit them in before the end of November.  Today's appointment with my sleep apnea doctor took all afternoon. I am having such an awful time adjusting to a c-pap machine mainly because I'm claustrophobic. During the night in my sleep, I rip the mask off and throw it across the room. It's amazing that I haven't broken anything yet! We initially tried the nose pillows because of the claustrophobia. They fly quite well!!!! Then we tried the full mask. I broke out in hives. The full mask doesn't fly quite so well because it's heavier. It just goes "ker plunk" onto the floor! Then there's the humidity issue with the machine. Humidity and I are not good friends. It gives me nighttime congestion which means I cannot breathe. Humidity like that here in Ohio is why I moved to Arizona. I only moved back to Ohio for the excellent medical care due to my car accident. Dr. Strohl assures me that I'm not the normal patient (so what else is new?). Not everyone has this much trouble adjusting to a c-pap machine. He also assures me that we will make this work...somehow, someway, sometime in the future when I return in the spring. Hehehe!

Now I have Christmas presents to finish in a much shorter period of time. I'm feeling some pressure in this area. I'm finding that I haven't had as much time with my sewing machines. I did finally finish quilting my granddaughter's quilt this morning before leaving for Dr. Strohl's office. I've sweated for 2 weeks on how to finish the borders and the solution was right in front of me the whole time. Duh! The center of the quilt looks like a trellis...when I post the photo you will understand. I just pulled that trellis right out into the borders. Now how easy was that? All I have to do is put the binding on and the quilt will finally be done. Woohoo!!

My cousin is coming over tomorrow and is bringing my uncle's quilt from the longarm quilter for me. I can't wait to see it!! Then all I have to do to finish that one is put the binding and label on it. Another quilt done....Woohoo!!!

But I have a dilemma because I still need a handful of presents and I don't have the slightest idea what to do yet and I'm running out of time. I did find a cute table runner on-line that is suppose to take only 10 minutes to make. It is a very simple table runner...soooo I may take the easy way out. Thank goodness I have a huge stash of fabric at my disposable. 

And rather than sit here at my computer, I best get busy at my sewing machine. Our God is an awesome God! Have a great evening.

Getting ready for Christmas @ Thanksgiving Time
Wed, Nov 2 2011 8:25 AM

Now that I'm leaving for Arizona on December 1, I won't be here to have Christmas with my family. I make a majority of my Christmas presents. Now I'm in rush mode to finish before Thanksgiving so I can give my grandchildren their presents early this year. I pray a lot...before I sit down to my machine, before I cut out a new project, while I'm working on a project, and a prayer of thanksgiving when I finish a project. The other day I found it didn't pay to rush because I spent most of the day ripping out almost everything I had done. Yesterday I had so much traffic coming thru the house that I didn't even attempt to sew. Today I am going to attempt to make up for the past three days.

My last productive day was Sunday. I made 3 more Abbey bags. I have to tell you...they are so cute and make adorable Christmas presents for your sewing/quilting girlfriends. I have made a total of 5 so far. Don't forget to make 1 for yourself.  I have also made 4 sets of coasters and plan to make another set today. I also plan to finish the table topper for my mom today. Perhaps tomorrow I can finish the quilt for my granddaughter. I think I've figured out how to fnish the borders. Just couldn't find a border template that suited me. I even went through all my friend's templates. I found some on-line, but need to watch the budget since I'm going to be spending an extra month in Arizona this year.

My latest Christmas gift I started last evening is a recipe book for the friends that I'll be staying with. Sheila and Jim love some of my cooking and last winter they had me bring some of my recipes with me. So rather than cart all that with me back and forth, I am making them a cookbook of my recipes that can stay with them. It is being made in a scrapbook format like the one I made for myself. The pages are 8-1/2 x 11 and are kept in page protectors in a loose leaf notebook. This is a late night project when I'm too tired to sew.

You all have a great day. It's time to get busy at the sewing machine. God's blessings.

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