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Arizona Here I Come!
Wed, Nov 30 2011 4:57 AM

Less than 24 hours to go! And just in time too...they are predicting 2-3 inches of snow today. YUCK! Oh please, dear sweet Jesus, hold that snow until I get out of here. Then you can dump all the snow you wish.

I have to say I'm disappointed that I haven't been able to say goodbye to my favorite furry friends Bella and Mercy Me. Both of their mommies didn't bring them when they came over thinking there would too many people here and the dogs would be in the way. What kind of thinking is that! It's the people that are in the way! My furry friends and I could have gone in another room to play away from those pesky humans! Yesterday I got to see Bella from the car. I swear if Lynda had opened that car window, Bella would have jumped out and come running into the house! She has done that before in the past. Bella loves her Auntie Linda and loves to come spend a day with me once in a while. And Mercy Me gets so excited when she comes to Auntie Linda's house that she can't control her bladder and pees the minute I bend over to pet her. Fortunately, I usually grab some paper towels when I see Deb pull into the drive. But yesterday there was no Mercy Me.  I'm going to miss them. However, in Arizona there is Indie...the cutest Havanese who I haven't seen since last March. Indie is a service dog for a deaf person and I've already been put in my place about that!! Service dogs are working dogs, not pets.  But she's so doggone cute! And she knows how to get around Auntie Linda so I will take her for a walk...and maybe a treat. Well she deserves a treat. Afterall, she's a working dog, right?

Well, now, I've got less than 24 hours to get my final massage therapy, get a prescription straightened out and refilled, get the house in order with the help of my cleaning lady this afternoon, email some files to myself that I will need for year end purposes,  make sure I have other files packed, need to finish packing suitcases, make sure I have all my meds (that's a bit important),  need to finish the binding on Pastor's wall hanging  this morning and need to figure out where I'm packing that (I might have to prepare 1 more priority mail package), have to shut down my computer (waiting till the last minute for that one). Last night I cleaned up all sewing areas and put the sewing machines away. I'm still in the process of cutting out my plaid quilt, but almost done. I want so bad to take it with me, but I have too many projects shipped out there already and I'm told there are projects at RWYS waiting for me. So my plaid quilt will wait till I get home.  I already have my x/y block quilt, log cabin table runner, Hanna's doll quilt, a Faithy doll for Mila, another Abbey Bag...Whew, don't know if I'll have time to visit with friends!!

I'm going to miss my friends here. I feel like I'm deserting you, but hey someone's got to do it, right!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have computer access, so QCA members you will continue to hear from me, but maybe not as frequently.

SEE YOU IN THE SPRING! Have a wonderful winter.


CT Scan Results
Tue, Nov 29 2011 10:07 PM

What a surprise I had this afternoon at my doctor appointment! After all these weeks of being treated for asthma...coughing, wheezing, froggie voice...are all symptoms of asthma. Weeks of taking antibiotics, steroids, using the nebulizer, vicksing my throat, using  the heat packs to try to loosen phlegm and I still had all the symptoms. After all the meds, after all  the money spent on those meds (I'm in the donuthole at this time of the year), after being sick for so long and what did that ct scan show??????????????????  Well folks, all this time the doctors were treating the wrong thing!! It was not asthma that flared up. It was acid reflux. Who knew that  symptoms of asthma were the same symptoms for acid reflux? So now I get to take the little purple pill. But don't worry, I'm still getting out of Dodge and going where it's warm and sunny!!!

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Count Down - 2 Days to Go!
Tue, Nov 29 2011 4:56 AM

Thank you Lord Jesus! I just might get out of this rainy climate. I feel like I should be looking for Noah's ark and flagging him down! Of course, with all those animals, he may not have room for any more passengers! If my feet continue to swell, I just might have webbed feet before I know it. Maybe God is turning me into a beautiful swan! You know from an ugly duckling into the beautiful swan. Then I can just fly south for the winter. Being a swan would be much cheaper to fly than going by any airlines or by Amtrak. Swans just have to flap their beautiful wings.

My lunch yesterday went well. We certainly ate well! Pastor started us off with prayer before we dug into all the food. Edye brought an apple pie to go along with all the muffins and brownies. The girls were able to go back to the shop and work off that lunch. We opened all our Christmas presents. Someone might think that I like fabric and sunflowers for my kitchen because that's what I got. hehehe!! Bea gave me a beautiful set of sunflower mugs and some note cards. Edye gave me a sunflower apron cutout, snowmen panels (I collect snowmen), the book Quilt of Joy by Mary Tatem, and the leftover apple pie! Lynda gave me my wish list from Connecting Threads. It's for my plaid quilt like I made for Uncle Skip. I already started cutting it out yesterday afternoon.

The agenda for today is pain management doctor, come home for lunch. There will be a jewelry party going on at my house when I get home. My cousin Deb's neighbor Gina sells jewelry. My massage therapist (also a Deb)  is having the party and she was going to cancel the party because she had no where to have it, so  I loaned her my house. Then Cousin Deb is taking me to do some errands. Then another doctor appointment to find out results of ct scan. When I get home from that appointment I want to finish the Psalm 23 wall hanging I'm making for Pastor Murphy in Arizona. I just have to finish the binding and put the sleeve on the back for a hanging rod. I hope to post it tomorrow morning. When I had my accident Pastor would recite the Psalm 23 to me when I was in the coma. Then later when he would bring me communion he would recite the Psalm 23. And even now in church on ocassion he will recite it before or while preparing for communion. So now I  think of communion and Psalm 23 together.

I best get the day started or I will miss that first doctor appointment. Don't want to do that since I've had to cancel so many of my appointments with this doctor due to the asthma problems. So much has happened since my last appointment, so we  have lots to talk about today.  God's blessings to everyone out there for a wonderful day today. Stay dry.

Arizona or Bust Count Down - 3
Mon, Nov 28 2011 4:15 AM

First things first have to thank the man upstairs. Thank you Lord Jesus! Praises, praises, praises. Finally I'm in count down mode with 3 days to go. Spent the weekend packing and shipping. Shipped all the Christmas presents to my grandchildren in California. Shipped Mom's present and called her on Thanksgiving. I sounded wonderful as I coughed thru the whole conversation...not! Had the last of my quilting projects to go to Arizona so I put all my shoes in because I was running out of room in the suitcase. Hope to come back in the spring with at least a couple completed quilt tops and maybe a few other projects. I also want to help my little quilt group, RWYS,  at Holy Cross get more quilts done this year.

My last 3 days in Ohio are busy ones. Today I'm having a luncheon for my friend Lynda and the 2 girls in her shop, Edye and Bea. And Pastor will be joining us since I haven't been able to go to church because I don't want to cough throughout the service and be disruptive (and expose myself to potentially more germs as my doctor puts it from other people who have colds, etc.). Pastor will be giving communion today. Our menu for today is fruited chicken salad on pretzel bread buns, frozen cranberry salad, and/or fruit medley, brownies, assorted muffins and to drink there is diet peach ice tea or assorted sodas. Everyone will be receiving their Christmas presents at lunch today. The girls and I often have show and tell when we get together and today is no different. Their presents are my show and tell  plus my pumpkin table runner that I posted the other day. Over the weekend I also made a dress clothes pin bag. I don't have the proper hanger so it doesn't hang right. The girls were asked to bring whatever they've been working on since I haven't been able to go to the shop for a couple months now. The shop is at the end of my street.

Yesterday I started a wallhanging of the 23rd Psalm for my Pastor in Arizona. He often repeats the Psalm before communion. I love when he does that. It gives more meaning to communion. This wallhanging is like making a miniature quilt. I have done more ripping than any other project I have ever done before. I have one more border to put on and I'm done. Yipee!!!! Then I just  have to find a backing fabric and quilt it. I just might get it done before I leave. I've had this project since before my accident and finally I'm getting it done to give to Pastor. Praise to God. It goes with me done or not. I'll finish it when I get to AZ.

Tomorrow I have 2 doctor appointments. One of them is to get the results of the ct scan and hopefully some meds for this cough. All of my doctors have been out of town for the holiday weekend. I cannot take OTC cough medicine because there is corn syrup in it and I have a corn intolerance. Oh whoa is me, I had to give up corn on the cob, kettle corn, popcorn, and anything else with corn in it.  Besides the doctor appointments, my favorite cousin Deb and her neighbor Gina are coming over  because Gina sells jewelry and my massage therapist also a Deb agreed to have a jewelry party. For convenience sake I agreed they could have it at my house but they have to do all the clean up and everything. I'm doing nothing where this party is concerned. And sometime between doctors and the party, I need to go to the bank and CVS to pick up meds. Cousin Deb said she could take me.

And finally on Wednesday, my last day at home, I have to prepare the house for the winter. I've already closed up my sewing room in the sunroom. I've called everyone that I need to including the police and security alarm people. The cleaning lady is coming to help me cover furniture after she cleans the house. I don't like to come home to a dirty house. I also want to do the laundry so there's nothing sitting dirty for 4 months. Uncle Skip will come over and drain the washing machine pipes over the weekend.  My ride to the Amtrak station fell thru, but I think my cousin Gary is going to take me. I told him to come earlier in the evening and we can go out to dinner and then watch a movie. He can then go to sleep if he wants since we don't have to leave until 2:00 AM. I'm just going to relax around the house. Probably play my crosswords on the computer, double check my bags,  reweigh my large suitcase, make sure I have my ticket in my purse, make sure I emailed some files off my computer to myself that I will need for tax time. Far too many things to remember and I'm far too excited to remember everything. I'd better start making a list.

Oh, and at some point in the next 3 days, my 2 oldest grandsons are suppose to come over to say "goodbye, see you in the spring, grandma." and have dinner. Haven't heard when that is happening yet. I think probably Tuesday....that's my guess. It's usually the guys that come.

Lord, Heavenly Father, thank you and I sing your praises. Three more days and I leave for a warmer climate and soon will feel better if it is Your will. Still the  need to find a pulmonary doctor as soon as I  can when I arrive is necessary. Guidance to a good doctor is needed. Lord also the swelling in my ankles and legs I need to get under control. Help me to rest more and elevate more so I can quit the medication. Your will be done. Thank you for all the friends on QCA who have been so encouraging as I've been fighting the asthma and coughing. I'm looking forward to meeting some of them in Phoenix this winter. You have given me such wonderful treasures over the years - those of friends. Thank you. I praise Your holy name in which I pray. Amen.

3 More Day! YIPEE!!!!!!!!! But who's counting???? I'm getting antsy now.

God Did I Sleep Thru Dec. 1?? Did I miss the train?
Fri, Nov 25 2011 6:48 PM

God, what day is it? Did I sleep thru Dec. 1 and miss the train? Oh, I couldn't have because I still have my days and nights mixed up, don't I?  I sleep all day almost and then I wake  up in the evening. Bummer! I tried to watch Christmas movies yesterday and today...notice I said tried. I slept thru each and every one of them in spite of the cough that has returned with a vengence. All the laying around has reduced the size of my ankles and legs. They are back to normal size.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! Praise God!!

Hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving day. I stayed awake long enough to talk to my mom and to my brother Rick in Wisconsin. Several friends text their greetings. My 2 grandsons that I usually spend time with had to go to their dad's this holiday weekend. I pray they are enjoying it and that my son is not being the hot headed socio-path and making the boys miserable. This is at the top of my prayer list this weekend. Please God protect Christopher and Noel while they are in Chris' custody and bring them home safely. If Your will, Oh Lord, may Chris' hatred be turned to love someday. May his hatred not ruin the boys' lifes. The boys were doing so well when Chris was not a part of their lives, but he has returned and has had an influence on them again that is affecting their behavior. Once again we have to rely on Your will, dear God.

Meanwhile, Dec. 1 is fast approaching and I still have a lot of packing to do. Today my c-pap and nebulizer were calibrated. They are ready to travel. My walker and wheelchair are in the sunroom ready to go.  My large suitcase is 1/2 packed; hope I have enough room. I've already shipped 3 boxes of sewing supplies,winter reading, Christmas presents, and summer clothes. I have 1 more box of winter projects to work on that will ship on Monday. The projects are already pre-cut; I just have to put them together. (I've already started cutting out my plaid quilt. There are over 400 squares to cut.)

My friends, I have a busy week coming up and hopefully I can stay awake during the day for it!! God bless each of you. I am so happy God has led me to QCA! You have been my life line.


Crash and Burn
Wed, Nov 23 2011 4:59 AM

It's been a few days after the party and I've crashed and burned! In other words, I'm wiped out! Grandson Noel and best friend Jan spent the night on Saturday. Sunday morning Jan headed home because the daughter of one of her friends was killed in an accident 2 nights before. How tragic as she was only 29 years old. May God give that family comfort and peace during their difficult time.

Noel and I spent Sunday laying around the house doing next to nothing. He watched tv and played video games all day. I pretty much napped all day. When dad and big brother Christopher showed up in the late afternoon, we just kinda looked at them and said, "What?" We really looked energetic!! I managed to get myself together and heated some of the leftovers from the party;  we had dinner consisting of ribs, salad, and dinner rolls, and for dessert coconut apricot bars and brownies. By Sunday evening, my ankles were quite swollen. Oh, oh, not good and I had a doctor appointment Monday morning. I knew I was in trouble with a capital T.

I'm at the doctor's office on Monday. Yup, I'm in trouble. She ordered sonograms before I can get on the train next week. Wants to make sure my circulation is okay and that I don't have any blood clot issues.I go this morning for the sonograms. Please pray everything is good. If there are any issues at all, I will not be getting on that train next Thursday. Oh dear God, your will be done. I may not understand your plans for me, but your plans are better than mine. I trust and praise your name, Lord. In your name I pray. Amen.

Yesterday (I have complete faith that I am going to AZ) I started packing. I have already shipped 3 packages containing sewing supplies, my summer clothes, and projects to work on. I have to pack my nebulizer, c-pap both in separate cases that go on the train with me. The only ones that get checked are the big suitcase and my walker. My meds have to go in a separate case (required by Amtrak). Then there's my overnight bag with 3 changes of clothes for the 3day/2 night trip. We're up to 4 bags now. Plus with my restricted diet, I can't eat much train food. So I must take some food...bag #5. Of course, Amtrak is aware of this and they make accomodations for disabled travelers. On this trip I'm traveling in a sleeper car...WoooHooo! No one going in/out all the time. No one to interrupt just as I'm falling asleep. No one to start snoring in the middle of the night.

I need to get back into a routine and looking at the clock, it's telling me it's breakfast and morning pill time. Will talk with you later. Have a great Thanksgiving Day and remember to give thanks to God. God's blessings to you and your families.

What a Party it Was!!
Sun, Nov 20 2011 8:11 PM

The party is over, but what a party it was!! Everyone was there except my niece Jessy. My best friend Jan had arrived Saturday morning so we could have some time to visit before everyone arrived and she could help with any last minute party plans. My brother Robert and wife Jen came and brought their 2 grandchildren Eric and Riley afterall.Christopher and Noel came a little down trodden since Ohio State lost their game. Stepdad Nate had a cornea injury which had mom Jamie quite concerned.  My son Mark and his family arrived on time. Poor little Quinn (3 yrs. old) has just woke up from a nap on the way up and had quite a bad cold. But when he saw all those presents, he was ready to dig in! Finally, Uncle Skip arrived with the food. He had agreed to pick it up for me. I had ordered it the day before and paid for it all over the phone. This way I didn't have to go out since it was getting so cold.

We had quite the buffet of food. I have a long galley kitchen lined with counters on one side. Believe me those counters were covered with food! And I had the breakfast bar covered with desserts! No one went hungry that's for sure! The little ones were getting impatient with the adults who kept eating. It wasn't until the chicken, roast beef, and mashed potatoes and gravy ran out that the adults quit eating. There were still plenty of ribs and deep dish chicken and noodles left. (Christopher, Nate, and Noel had the ribs for dinner tonight.) Finally, to the little ones delight, we opened presents.... Here's Cora with Mom and big sister Hanna. Dad is behind the quilt holding it up. I was right....Hanna likes that quilt.

Noel got a brothers collage for his new  bedroom. He pretty much hung onto that all evening. Eric is sitting with Noel.

Here's Christopher being the smart aleck teenager. Actually he played with all the little ones most of the evening. He's great with kids.

Here's Nate and Jamie. You can see how bad Nate's eye is. He really is in a lot of pain. There's Noel too.

And here's Uncle Skip with his quilt. He just loves it. He is going to give me some of his old shirts that  he was going to throw out so I can put into my quilt. I'm so excited because I will always have a part of him with me. The party was the first time he met my brother Robert and he was able to spend some time talking with him. Our dad was Uncle Skip's brother. It's a long story, but Uncle Skip was so happy to meet Robert and vice versa. It's was great to see them together and to see Uncle Skip beaming all evening. It was wonderfu!

And here we are from right to left... Uncle Skip, my brother Robert, and me. Of my siblings, I'm the oldest but also the shortest.

Here's 4 generations...Uncle Skip represents my Dad, Robert and I, then my son Mark, and his daughter Hanna. Hanna sees a camera and she's ready to pose! She can stop a temper tantrum on a dime to pose for a photo. She knows how to work it!! Also has Daddy where she wants him!

So the party ended with the little ones ready to go home to bed. Noel ended up spending the night with Jan and I. Talk about a little party animal. Jan finally went into bed at around 11:00. Noel and I stayed up a bit longer. I finally fizzled at 2:30 and Noel....well let's just say what happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's!!

Today, I crashed and burned!! My feet are very swollen again which is not going to make my doctor happy tomorrow. Noel was pretty worn out too and he just laid on the sofa and watched tv. Jan was well rested and wasn't even aware that Noel and I were up half the night.  She needed to head back home early anyway. Noel and I immediately took a nap! Jan was the photographer so there are no photos of her. However, Jamie took some too, so when those are in, there may be a photo of my friend Jan.

Thank you to those who sent good wishes before party time. The party's I leave for Arizona in 9 days! I better get packing!!!!



Christmas Party is Tomorrow!
Fri, Nov 18 2011 9:39 AM

Tomorrow is Party Day and I'm ready! Thank you Jesus. Presents are done. Today I can bake. (I cheated and bought mixes, but those little mouths of 5 grandchidren won't know the difference.) I have to order the food from Bob Evans. Everything is falling into place. Isn't our God an awesome God?!

I think today I can even take another nap. Kathy, did you get that? And everyone is calling with colds and wondering if they should come. Bring the colds on! I have 4 rounds of antibiotics in me and it's the only time on my calendar to see everyone and have this party. Besides I won't see them again till spring. Next weekend is Thanksgiving and everyone has their own plans. Then I have a string of doctor appointments before leaving for Arizona. Before you know it, I'll be on a train heading southwest. Yeeehaw!

As my favorite Psalm 116:1-2 goes:  "I love the Lord, because  he  has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy. Because he inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on him as long as I live."  Amen. Hasn't failed me yet.

Now as my grandson Noel says....Let's party!!!!

Not 1, but 2 Naps!
Wed, Nov 16 2011 4:43 PM

For those who have been following along. Today not only did I take 1 nap this afternoon, but I ended up taking a second nap! Aren't you proud of me? Eventually my body says enough! Today was that day.

Christmas Party Countdown - 3 Days
Wed, Nov 16 2011 5:28 AM

A very special thank you to Kathy and Gayle for your encouragement over the past few days. You two are very special new friends that God has given me. We have an awesome God, who always knows our needs at the right time. Praise God!

Gayle, I will be thinking about that wall hanging. I've added it on my to do list while in Arizona.

Now down to immediate business. I only have 3 days left to the Christmas party! Finished Uncle Skip's quilt last evening.....YIPEE!!! I'll try to post later today. My camera has decided to go on the fritz so I've been using my cell phone camera. I've already started collecting plaids to make a quilt like Uncle Skip's  for myself. I have a few leftover, and I just ordered a plaid fat quarter collection that was on sale from Keepsake. This is a quilt that has light, medium, and dark values. It's the medium value that is hard to find. In Uncle Skip's quilt I had to compromise with the medium value. Some of the mediums could be either dark or light.

I'm working on the 2nd log cabin set of blocks for the table runner...making progress now that I've got the color schemes coordinated properly (only took 3 starts). Eleanor Burns patterns confuse me the way she writes her directions. I have to photocopy them and take pieces of my fabric and tape them throughout the pattern directions. Otherwise, I sew the wrong fabrics in the wrong places, and almost never the right fabrics in the right places, etc. Or, I'm following the directions for the wrong size. All this after spending days reading and re-reading trying to make sure I'm in the right spot to begin with. Does anyone else have trouble following her directions? I had the same problem in the Egg Money book. The pattern I'm using now is the Lovers Knot. I just don't know how any of these can be done in a day. If I do all the homework up front it's not so bad. I love the finished results in spite of the headaches in getting there!!!!  I was introduced to Eleanor Burns' Egg Money book at a quilt retreat. We did the Christian can see my results in my.sewingroom gallery. I wasn't the only one having problems following where we were suppose to be in the book with the directions. Once you figure it out, you end up with a gorgeous quilt!

Back to the Christmas party. I'm in good shape with Christmas gifts...finally. I am not going to pull out Christmas decorations. I'm starting to feel better after all the asthma over the past 7 weeks but my legs are still swollen. I've put the maroon tablecloth with a Christmas table runner down the middle and set a beautiful plant in the center of the table. I had picked up a set of blocks at a thrift store the other day when my cousin took me to lunch that spell Noel (and that just happens to be one of my grandson's name too). I set those by the plant. It looks quite festive. When I went to the Country Living fair in September, I had bought a ladder so I had that brought in and I'm now displaying some of the crocheted blankets my mom made me and the woven throws I have. Take a look.The glare from the picture window makes it look dark. And I have the shade pulled! We actually had some sun yesterday afternoon for a while. It rained all day Monday. Isn't this a unique way to display quilts and blankets? I forget where I got the idea from. But it works for me. I have other blankets Mom has made but they are displayed in the guest bedroom.

Food for the party. I'm cheating and taking the easy way out!!!! Bob Evans is a wonderful restaurant here in Ohio that has the most wonderful home style down on the farm home style food. Just like Grandma made down on the farm home style food. Get my drift??? It's call 1-800-Restaurant!! If I'm up to it later today and tomorrow and maybe even Friday I might, I said I might, make cookie and brownies for the grandkids. If I don't bake by Friday, then it's grocery store bakery. Oh well....this Grandma has pushed to get the Christmas gifts done in time for the party. They may have to wait till spring for the baked goods!

 Besides Christopher and Noel has eaten me out of house and home all summer when they've been over. Brownies don't last 10 minutes and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies even less! Double batches might last 5 minutes longer!! Those are 2 growing boys....ages 14 and 9. They are the only grandchildren I see on a regular basis. They come and take care of their grandma. They are the reason for the Christmas party. When I announced I was leaving for Arizona before Christmas, Christopher started crying...yes a 14 year old male. He thought that I was moving back to Arizona and he was not going to let his grandma move back to that Arizona place! He just got me back and he wasn't going to loose me again. WOW! That was powerful and I started crying. So to reassure him I said we could have Christmas before I left. Christopher and I have a special bond. I was there when he was born and I was the first grandparent to hold him. He was less than 1 hour old. He is the love of my life.

But Noel and I have a special bond too. He was my birthday present in 2002. Yes we share a birthday. He calls me on our birthday and sings happy birthday to us! Noel has personality plus. The summer I moved back to Ohio Noel came and stayed the whole summer with me. What a little worker he was! He moved boxes around, helped me unpack, moved more boxes, went to the pool and Dairy Queen, unpacked more boxes, flatened boxes, moved even more boxes, went to the pool and Dairy Queen again, watched  a little tv, stayed up past bedtime (shhhh don't tell his mom...what happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's).  This summer he wasn't able to spend as much time with me because his real dad (my son) is trying to legally stop me from seeing my grandchildren. That's for another discussion on another day.

These are 2 special boys who are having a special Christmas with Grandma. It just so happens their Uncle Mark and Aunt Heather are coming with their cousins Hanna ,  Quinn, and new cousin Cora. The boys are excited because they don't get to see them very often either...just like Grandma. Also one of my long lost brothers, Robert and his wife will be here. It will be the first time Robert is meeting any of my family. And one of my best friends Jan will also be here. She has known my children since they were teenagers. So she has seen them grow up, get married and have children. And of course, Uncle Skip is coming. This is the first time he is meeting Robert. Robert is excited about meeting Uncle Skip for the first time. It's a long story...perhaps another time.

This is a special Christmas.Who said Christmas had to be on December 25? I can still celebrate our Lord's birth. I can celebrate my family. I pray that someday all of my family can be together again. That someday those who aren't with us this weekend will someday open the eyes of their hearts to Jesus and that they will let go of their hatred and anger. The hatred and anger is of their own making and/or those they chose to be with. It has hurt a lot of people and broken up families. The children are the ones who suffer from that hatred and anger. Lord Jesus, you know your plan and we have to trust that the childlren are safe when in their father's  custody and that your will be done in the future. We ask for your blessings for  wonderful getting to know a new family Christmas. We praise you Jesus and wish you Happy Birthday. Amen.


I'll miss you Carol. See you again in heaven.
Mon, Nov 14 2011 9:09 AM

Yesterday I lost a dear friend, Carol, to lung cancer. Carol has been fighting her battle for several years. Today she is at peace with Jesus. Because of my asthma I wasn't able to go visit with her because I had an sinus infection and it could compromise her system. For months now I called Carol every week and we would talk about our healthier days and some of the crazier times. But Carol would always bring the conversation around to faith, dying, and going to be with our Lord. Carol was very much afraid and we would talk about how I felt when I had my car accident.

There was a point I became conscious at the scene and I realized that my life was in jeopardy. I prayed to God that if it was His will I was ready to go home. I don't remember anything until I woke from the coma in the hospital many days later. I was not afraid to go if it was God's will. I had faith in God. I had complete trust in God. I pray in the end Carol had complete trust in God. I know she is there with Him now and is no longer in pain. She is now in His glory.

Friends if you are smokers, please stop! I've just watched a friend suffer from a horrible disease for several years. Believe me smoking isn't worth the suffering I've seen my friend go thru. I grew up a victim of secondhand smoke which is one of the reasons why I have asthma today. Cigarette smoke sends me into an asthma attack that can put me into the hospital. Friends, please please please, consider your health and stop smoking.

Carol, I will miss you; but we'll see each other again in heaven.

OK God, What are you trying to tell me?
Sun, Nov 13 2011 1:17 PM

Back to square one with this asthma thing and now my ankles are swollen again to the point  that I can't get shoes on. At least today I was able to get the compression stockings on. Yesterday I kept falling asleep either at the computer or sewing machine so finally gave up and took a nap. When I woke up I thought I'd slept all afternoon....only one hour! Oh Lord, please let me sleep on that train for the 3 days, 2 nights. My body cannot handle much more. I know Your plan is much better than mine, but please give me a clue. I'm running out of energy, oxygen, breath.....

I love you, Lord Jesus. My favorite Psalm is 116....verses1-2: "I love the Lord for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live."  He hears my cries for mercy frequently and I have to trust that God will hear my cry again. But I have to remember that he will answer my cry in His time, not mine.

Thank you God for reminding me that I need to talk things over with you and get everything into perspective. I feel better now and know that healing will come in Your time, not mine. You know what plans you have for me and I need to put complete trust in You. Praising You this afternoon and praying in your name, Amen.

WOW! That feels so much better!! I think now I can either go finish sewing the binding to Uncle Skip's quilt or get the table runner going that I'm making for one of my best friends (3rd time is a charm!). Then I think I'm done with presents for the Christmas party this Saturday. I can then move onto other projects that aren't so urgent. I still have to alter my gown for the Renaissance Faire, but it turns out the alterations won't be as extensive as I first thought. Yipee!!!!!

17 days and counting till I leave for Arizona! Once I get into some dry weather I know I will begin to feel better. Last evening I received a call from a friend who moved from the Chicago area to Shreveport, LA. She retired! No wonder I hadn't heard from her for a while. On my way home from AZ in the spring I just may stop off and spend a few days visiting with Barbara and her new hubby. Barbara has inherited some sisters and they are all quilters! My kind of stopover!!

Have a blessed day!

One Week to Christmas Party
Sat, Nov 12 2011 1:33 PM

Next Saturday is the Christmas Party! I think I'm in pretty good shape...just 4 projects to go....I think. Woke up yesterday with my ankles swollen again. So trying to sit back today with my legs elevated. Not doing a very good job at it. Only got 1 hour sleep last night with so much on my mind.

My daughter-in-law Rhoda has been on my mind the past 2 days. I think of her as the daughter I never had. I am so proud of her, but cannot go into all the whys here. Let's just say because of my son we both have had to overcome a lot of hurt and we've cried some long distance tears together.  She and the children are now living back in California with her parents. I don't blame her one bit, and  we keep in constant touch. I had had hopes of going to see them this winter; however with the market dropping so much this fall, the money isn't there so I can travel to where they live. We use skype as a substitute. I tickle the kids and they went along with it and just laughed and giggled. I've showed them photos of my new home here in Ohio so they can see where I live. I even had my best friend's cocker spaniel spend the night so we could all play together. Joshua asks what I'm sewing so I've shown him whatever quilt I'm working on unless it was his quilt, of course. Mila is a little monkey and is up and down. I play hide and seek with the webcam. She's funny because she looks under their desk for me! I'm waiting for the next skype visit. I've got quite a pile here on my desk of things to show them.  The pile is getting so big that some of it rolls off the desk!! I got 2 new snowmen ornaments that roll. I miss those little rugrats!!!!

Still sewing like crazy. Discovered I didn't have enough coaster sets. Had to make 1 more set. Made 10 luggage tags and got everything tagged for my trip. Then decided to make a couple for a gift. Realized I needed a few last minute gifts for the Christmas party. Whipped up 4 of the 10 minute table runners. I forget who posted that suggestion, but you are a god send!!!! My neighbor liked it so well, she went home to make some for gifts too. I just have a log cabin type table runner to make yet, bind my uncle's quilt, alter my pirate costume, and get 2 gifts for (2) 5 yr olds before next Saturday. Oh yeah, get my legs elevated!!!! What ever happened to my pain management plan? Hmmmm....wonder which I'm going to do first? Maybe I'll get some lunch and sit watch tv for a while with my legs up. Maybe I'll even take a short nap. zzzzzzzzz

Luggage Tags & Snow Musings
Fri, Nov 11 2011 5:35 AM

Yesterday I made luggage tags and I think the end result is pretty cool. I'm traveling pretty heavy to Arizona this time since I'm taking both my walker and my wheelchair, the bag with the c-pap, the bag with the nebulizer, the carry-on bag, the bag with all the meds, the bag with things to do for 3 days on the train like my portable dvd player, some knitting, a book, of course some get the idea. I need a lot of luggage tags. I got the pattern from StudioCherie on Etzy. (I have to say that since there is a license agreement.) The pattern was fairly simple to follow (my little brain glitch made one section complicated, but that was my problem). I love the end result. Using postcards you print on the computer, on one side I printed all the contact information and on the other side (the side you see in the photo...sorry a little blurry, but you get the idea) I created something that would be unique to me. That way my personal information would be just that...personal! I have to make 4 more tags today.

I just looked out the window! Oh no! We got a dusting of...I can't say it....s-n-o-w! I was so hoping it would hold off until I got out of here. Just 19 more days, but who's counting???? Me! That's who!!!!! No wonder I got cold last night! Hard to believe there was a time I'd race my children to see who could get outside the fastest. It was so funny to watch my keeshound Shadow jump through the snowdrifts. She looked like a dolphin jumping through waves. Those were the good old days. Now snow only looks good in photos and looking back. Or sitting in front of a fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate wrapped up in a blanket. Better yet being in Arizona and looking at the snow covered Four Peaks off in the distance.

It's time to go spend some time with God and have some breakfast. God's blessings for a wonderful day.


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20 Days and Counting
Thu, Nov 10 2011 4:17 PM

Not that I'm getting anxious to get out of the Ohio weather, but I've decided that breathing is a very good thing! As Pastor said yesterday during his visit, "oxygen helps, too!" The mold counts are record high and I'm not suppose to go outside at all, but if I have to I must wear one of those masks. I'm not sure which is worse...breathing moldy air or recycled breath!!! Not to mention fogged up glasses!! The doctor has put me on yet another round of antibiotics and in 10 days I have to have a CT scan. My lymph nodes are swollen...not good.

On to brighter things. Still sewing up a storm...keeps my mind occupied on more positive things. Cora's quilt is done and posted. Uncle Skip's quilt is just waiting for the binding and label. Almost all the Christmas presents are wrapped and waiting for our early Christmas party. I just need one more gift for Quinn who is 3, but I think I've decided to make him a "HUG" pillow. The older kids got their "HUG" pillow when they were about 3 or 4. So I think Quinn has come of age. Besides he's getting too fast for Grandma to chase after him for the real hugs! 

Today I also started making luggage tags. I lost all my luggage a couple months ago when my sewage pipes collapsed in the front yard and forced sewage back into my basement. YUCK!  Since I can't go up and down stairs, fortunately there is very little  kept in the basement. Although grandson Christopher thinks it would make a great  apartment for him to live in.

I think this all for today. My days and nights are still mixed up and this is the time I'm about to fall asleep without warning. Oh, to sleep a normal night again and in my bed, not the recliner!! God blessings and peace be with you.                                                                                                                              

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