In Our Temporary Home

Published Sat, Oct 15 2011 7:36 PM

For now construction is done. Photographer I'm not! I love all the natural light in my sewing room, but when it comes to  photographing the room all that light is not a good thing. Where's my photographer friend Sheila when I need her? Oh yah, she lives in Arizona! Darn!  Meanwhile I have too many projects to get done before Christmas so I can go to Arizona.

My date with Aydan and his sister Hannah was fun today. We made lots of paper. I will be cleaning up glitter this time next year! Hannah was asking her mom for a paper making kit for Christmas as they were walking out the door this afternoon. Oh, oh, I'm in trouble...the small kit like mine is not cheap. I guess Hannah will just have to come visit more often to make paper. We had a lot of fun. Now I have to start making my Christmas cards....Oh Boy! I have to start early because it takes me a long time to do things since I tire easily. Speaking of which...I'm ready for a nap!

by Linda
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