A Learning Process

Published Fri, Oct 14 2011 9:16 PM

Ok I've learned that in this particular blog scenario I can't change the main text color.  I will have to take some new photos of my sewing room at a different angle so we aren't seeing all the windows. This way you can see the new layout too. Meanwhile you are seeing my sewing room as it looks from my kitchen and back doors. Yes that is my washer and dryer that you see. I also have a small eating area which is nice for a cup of tea and a snack. In the winter it houses all the plants that have to come indoors such as geraniums, ivies, pineapple plant, 2 blueberry plants that grow in pots, and asperagus ferns. They all grow happily there thru the winter and my neighbor comes in once a month to give them a drink while I'm in Arizona.

Hopefully, this weekend I can get the photos taken and downloaded. But tomorrow I have a date with a 5 year old Aydan and his sister Hannah (some friends of mine). We are going to make paper with my new paper making kit that I purchased at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio last month. It is a messy process, so it should be a lot of fun! Happy Weekend everyone!

by Linda
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