God's plan for my.sewingroom

Greetings from Ohio!

I'm Linda from my.sewingroom. My main goal is quilting for charity. However,  2 years ago I had to move back home to Ohio after living in Arizona for about 11 years. I had been in an auto accident 4 years ago (December 2007) where I had been hit by a red light runner and am now disabled. I purchased a home here in Bedford, Ohio. Also in the last few years my 2 sons have been busy producing grandchildren...7 to be exact! As a result I've taken a hiatus from charity quilting to make some quilts for my new home and for my grandchildren. The latest grandchild, Cora Elise, was born Sept. 12, 2011. Please feel free to look at my.sewingroom gallery. This year my goal is to return to charity quilting and to finish some of my UFOs.

Once upon a time...sounds like I'm going to tell you a fairy tale doesn't it?...I was a Civil War re-enactor. In those days I made women's and children's Civil War era clothing and other historical clothing. I still will, but , honey, it will cost ya!!!! I now spend my winters back in Arizona with friends. Last winter I clothed a few Renaissance pirates and their wenches as part of my room and board. At the last minute I decided to participate as a kidnapped maiden. I understand that this year I am being kidnapped again. I guess when we go to the Renaissance Faire I'll have to half-heartedly again say "help, help, I've been kidnapped by pirates." It's all a lot of fun.

While in Arizona I also made a lot of church banners. They are posted in my gallery. The banners are a ministry of mine. I don't charge for them, but people insist on giving me donations. When I make a banner, I feel God is calling me to make it and donate it to the church. There is a small church in Tempe, AZ that I've made almost all of their banners. One Advent season my church had bulletin covers that really moved me. The next Advent season I had reproduced them (with permission of course) and they now hang on the wall of my church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I also belong to a quilt group called Reap What You Sew in Phoenix. We quilt all year long. In November is distibution night where over 2500 quilts are given out to charities such as Ronald McDonald House, children's hospitals, foster care, veteran's hospitals, hospice, shut-ins, etc. They have so many quilt tops turned in that just need to be completed into quilts. So I started a small RWYS chapter at my church in Scottsdale. We take the quilt tops, add batting and backing, tie them, bind them, and return them to the main RWYS group.  I am so proud to be a part of Reap What You Sew, and I miss them so much now that I'm in Ohio. However, I would like to start a RWYS group here in Ohio. Any Ohio quilters near Bedford out there? Bedford is a SE suburb of Cleveland. We will start up in the spring when I return from Arizona. If you are interested, please email me at my.sewingroom@hotmail.com.

I'm bringing back some amazing projects from my church in Arizona. One of our members has alzheimers, but at one time she was an amazing quilter. Her husband found some unfinished projects and brought them to the church and asked if we could complete them, auction them, and then purchase something for the church in her honor. I was given the honor to complete her projects. Some of the completed projects are posted in my gallery. The quilt tops I'm taking back home to Ohio to quilt on my machines. I still have a wall hanging to hand quilt, which we feel should be returned to the family. I've also had another member bring me fabric and ask me to make quilts that can be auctioned for the church. Another gave me fabric to make her grandson a valor quilt. I am so honored that I've been asked to take on quilting in Christ's name. I will definately be praying a lot before, during, and after each project!

God is amazing! His plans are greater than mine!