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September 2010 - Posts

My first hand stitched applique

As I said before I am much better in hand stitching than machine.

Last year I have taken a hand applique class. I really enjoyed it and, even if I am not where I want to be with the precision of the stitching I am quite happy of the outcome.

I still have to finish it, but little by little I will do it. For this project I have also decided to try to hand quilt it.

Finally it's done!!

Last night at 12:30 I did the last hand stitch of the binding.

Here is my first quilt (as in my first one that I have actually quilted). Over all I am happy about the final product (now I have to wash it and hope that the red fabric does not bleed!!!). If everything goes well the quilt will leave on Monday to Geneva, Switzerland.

And now I have to cut the last fabric for the Mistery quilt.


and here is a detail of the quilt. I forgot to take a shot of the backing that is done with the yellow and blue berry fabric.

Update on Operation S.I.D. (Stitch in the Ditch)

What an evening!!!! I had such an hard time with it.did not like the outcome and I almost decided to undo everything and it to be quilted professionaly.

Then I decided that if I do not start trying doing it I will never learn...right? I just hope that my niece will understand that is the first attempt and looks pretty ugly.

I am not sure I will finish tonight but I should be able to finish it within the week end.

Stay tuned for more up date and, if I am brave enough, I will even post the pictures



I am going to try the stitch in the ditch

Drum roll please...............tonight I am officially going to try to "STITCH IN THE DITCH" !!!

I do believe that I was less nervous when I jumped off an airplane during my first...and until now only skydive jump. So I have decided to give a try and do the quilting to the baby blanket. If you hear somebody screaming and mildly cursing in Italian might be me.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you the result.


I am a great aunt again!

Yesterday at 7:10 pm in Geneva Switzerland my second grandnephew was born. His name in Edoardo and he is over 8 and baby are well.

Apparently he is the carbon copy of his older brother. Having announced that I had to rush my baby quilt. I have finished the borders and last night at 11:00pm I realized that the lady at the quilting store gave me not enough fabric for the backing! I had that feeling while I was at the store but because I am used to the metric system sometimes I do prefer to trust who knows better me........wrong!!!!! Any way this gives me a chance to run to the store again (30 miles from home) to buy extra fabric and check out the fabric for the MQ3 (Mistery quilt 3) that just started yesterday.

Here is my finished top for the baby quilt. The patter was calling for one border of 6 1/2 only. I thought that was too much so I changed the pattern and put a 2 1/12 white and a 4 1/2 dark color border....I am very happy with the finished result

For all the pro out there might seem an easy quilt but for a novice like me it was pretty hard most of all because I wanted all the blocks perfectly attached and of the exact measurements.

Have a great week end my quilter friends!