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sewing machine with a view

I might not have the sewing room of my dreams.....but I have placed my sewing table by the window and the view is not that bad.

I do live on the 19th floor on Miami Beach and we overlook the bay and Downtown Miami. The sunset are beautiful and for someone that come from a city (MIlan, Italy) with no sea or lake it's the most incredible view ever. I wish I could stay home more and play with my swing machine in stead of having to go the office every day.

Finally here is the pic

Thanks for the Inspiration

Hi Ladies,

you really inspired me to go back to my sewing machine and start the baby quilt. I could think about not doing any quilt for this baby after I cross stitch months for the older brother. He needed to have something from Aunty Isa!!

On Saturday my lovely husband "donated' his time to take me to a quilting store where I dropped of my first quilt to be quilted. The quilt is for the daughter of the guy that does my hair. she was born with a very rare cancer and she spend her first 18 months undergoing chemotherapy. I thought that a quilt with bright color would have great for her.

Anyway back to my project I set up my sewing machine and started quilting the baby quilt for my grandnephew. I first decided for a modern pattern with green/yellows/turquoises. While speaking to my niece she very politely told me that, even if green is her favorite color...they boys room is all white and blue!!!! So back to plan B. I had already in the house some Wyndham Story Book fabric so I bought another one at the store and stared cutting.

Today I finished the center quilt and I am still deciding which which color to use for the border. I will probably go with a blue.....but any suggestion is more than welcomed. 




here it is!!

Thanks for the comments

This morning when I saw that somebody took time to check my blog I was very excited.

As I wrote before I am just starting to quilt so I will post my first quilt and some appliques I did in class and I have not put together yet. I am also planning to post my baby quilt step by step...but that will happen next week as soon as I get the shipment of the fabrics I bought on line.

So here it come a picture of my first quilt that is waiting to be quilted (the quilt holder is my husband !!!!)


Here I am, my first scary!

I am Isabella I am still 41 (not for long) and I live in Miami with my husband of 9 years and our wonderful cat Hobbes.

I moved to the States 13 years ago and since then I have been living in Miami. I always wanted to quit but in Italy is not that popular. So I started cross stitching, needle point and a little knitting under the close eyes of my grandmother that I still consider one of the best knitter and embroider I have ever met.

Last year, during a low time at my office, I have decided to join a quilt store and start was love at first site. Again I was guided by a remarkable teacher that happens to be an Italian lady that moved to the states many years ago. 

Unfortunately for the quilting I have to travel a lot for business so my project can stretch quite a lot......but here I am ready to learn, cut and stitch!!!!

Talk (write) again tomorrow