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I decided to share another special item I have. My Mother, Betty Jane Marsh Phillips, and six of her siblings lost their parents in a tradgic house fire in Gibsonburg, Ohio, when Mom was only six years old. The children were spread apart and raised by different families. My Mother went to live with an Aunt and Uncle and at age Seven, she had to milk the cows on the farm.  I am priviledge to have her milking stool, made for her by her Uncle Peter J. Neiset.  I am reminded daily of the hard times she endured and how life is so easy now.


If you follow my blog at all, you will quickly learn that my paternal Grandmother, Mamie Leota Pearl Wittenmeyer Phillips was my best inspiration in learning about crafts and so much more. She had a big heart, warm soul and a way to turn trash into treasure!! I wanted to share a special gift, a crochet dress she made for me when I was Seven years old. When each of my Grand daughters turned Seven, my plan was they would try on the dress and get their picture taken in it. One Granddaughter was growing fast and her "try on" was at age five.  I have posted a picture of this dress for your enjoyment. This special dress was crochet in 1958. Don't bother doing the math....it's old!!!


I pray your holidays were special and your thoughts are now turning to all of those quilting projects you want to do in this new year. It seems we always say "Next Christmas I will be better prepared". Somehow we seldom  make good on those thoughts, but I really am going to try to this year. I want 2012 to be a year I make changes in my life so that I can have a better mental outlook as well as better physical health. I think quilting will be helpful in this adventure. I have also started my "Handmade Memories Binder" of things passed down from previous generations to me, that hold special memories. I am including photo's as well as tidbits of information. One recollection of my Dad's sayings is "Size doesn't mean anything, if it did, a cow could catch a rabbit!" This "Memories journal" will be a reminder to me that someday the things I do may be looked back on with cherished memories. That is one of my hopes anyways. More prayers, more sewing, and less stressing! Yep! That's the plan!! Hugs to you all!

This is Moses, my Comfort kitty, Computer Buddy , and sewing friend!!

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This is the man who created the bowl for us from the broken tree.

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See my previous post of the story of the wooden bowl made from this tree.

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This wood bowl was made for us by our neighbor in Dellrose TN, Jason Gray. A Storm had taken this Sugar Maple tree down in 2004 . Our daughter, Sherri Boice Block Boardman is standing by what is left of the tree. We lived on this farm for about 24 years.



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Hey, Dear friends! Come along with me down memory lane.  We share good food, family traditions and enjoy family and friends at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are so busy with preparations, we seldom remember those who prepared and sacrificed for the holidays when we were a child. What do you remember most from your child hood Holidays?

 I remember a Grandmother at Christmas time who insisted on giving  two gifts for each person, sharing family time and wonderful old fashion meals. Mince Meat pie, squash pie, none of which were my idea of a pie, but none the less, they got eaten!   It was expected of you to be there!! She always gave us girls a small bottle "Ben Hur" perfume from the local "five &dime" Ben Franklin store. She would take Grandpa's last penny to get us kids at least one gift we really wanted, and then a gift of her choice. I remember hearing Grandma & Grandpa talking one year about how they would not be able to afford a Christmas tree. That was something else they insisted on, everyone must have a decorated tree for Christmas! Grandpa did not let us down! He gently trimmed their evergreen bushes, tied the branches oh so carefully, and it turned out to be the prettiest Christmas tree ever!! Really!! You could not tell it was not a real tree. Grandpa was humble and took no credit, but we all knew how much love he put into that special tree. I remember one year I received a hand made doll quilt from Grandma, which I still have today. That was 50 years ago!! Another year I received a wind up Merry -Go- Round. Another treasure that I still have!! As we waited for the adults to finish eating and we pondered over the thoughts of what we might get this year... we played with a wind up woodpecker that climbed the door in Grandma's family room, or we watched the lamps'  shades with a train on them, that seemed  to travel round and round, with all of it's smoke! There were also lamps with covered wagons that seems to move. If we were tired or a little cold, there was a "bear" blanket to sooth us. Many memories of the "Bear" blanket I will tell about another time, but it was a very special "wrap" of love! There was no shortage of things to see and do at Grandma's, no lack of love and hugs. I hope you have fond memories of your childhood and the special occasion's you were blessed to be a part of. If for some reason, you did not have these memories or experiences, then you will want to stay close to this blog and I will share mine with you. I hope others will also leave their memories here to share.  

I am excited about having my own personal blog to share with you. It may take me a while to learn how, but I am determined to share! Hugs,

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