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February 2012 - Posts

I decided to not post more pictures of memories today, just let you know I am Thankful!! I worry, worry, worry and at my age, it is a hard habit to stop. I realized my memories may be peaceful or they could break me into "pieces".......... my daily fears need to stop or I won't have "new pieceful memories" to write about..Did I just make sense?? Anyways, I wanted to share my worry weakness and ask for you all to pray with me about doing more "piecing quilts" and far less worry! I have always said "Fear separates us from God". I know we are NOT to worry, but it has been a big part of my heritage and being sixty is far to long to hold onto this destructive behavior!! My blood work is getting worse and worse, my diabetes more out of control and I lay most of it to stress. I need to channel those stresses into more quilts!! So.. I am Thankful for you and ask for you to help me pray about this. I have many many family issues right now, I will not bore you with the details. God knows them already. God has given me many talents to use and he has added the friendships of many. I need to stay focused on what He has done for me and given me. That my dear friends, includes each of you!! Hugs,

Now I bet your wondering how these two cookie jars have anything in common with Heaven. Well, allow me to share their story. Mr. Pig, on the right, was a gift to my parents, Cloyce and Betty Phillips, on their wedding day June 14, 1945. He spent much of his life with my parents. One day he was so graciously given to me by my Mother to have and to hold. I was now married and my husband's Grandmother, Maple May, was the proud owner of Ms. Winnie. I always admired her cookie jar because I had become so fond of my Mr. Pig. When sadly we lost Grandma May in 1976, I was asked if there was anything of hers I would like to have. I had two requests. Of course one was this precious cookie jar and the other was I wanted an apron that Grandma May often wore.  So because Grandma May passed over to the other side into Heaven, Mr. Pig and Ms. Winnie were united together in our home. The litte pigs and kittens were random finds. Since Mr and Mrs. Pig had no pigletts of their own, they were delighted to adopt! Just one more piece of history created into "Pieceful Memories"! 



This beautiful rocking chair belonged to my Grandma Mamie. It holds precious memories!! Us Grandkids often sat at her feet watching her crochet beautiful doilies, outfits or clothing for Dolls of other Lands (Countries), and other crochet items. She would Crochet, rock, and chew gum so fast we could hardly see the crochet hook fly!! When she came to a difficult place in her crochet, she would stop rocking, stop crocheting and stop chewing the gum until she figured out what to do next. Then the rocking, crochet and chewing would resume with amazing speed and accuracy!! She read her Bible, The Workbasket magazine, and Daily Devotionals or Sunday School booklets in this rocking chair. Many a Grandchild were gently rocked on her lap. I am so blessed to have this awsome Rocking chair.

I also have posted a picture of the small wooden box she displayed on the wall beside the Rocking chair. The little drawers held safty pins, needles, buttons and other small items. I can remember to this day the many nook and cannies at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I have many things to help with those memories, but the greatest of all is not the "things" , is the Christian faith they held tight to, their love for family, and there frugal ways. They shared so much with everyone who knew them. Their life was a "pieced" masterpiece they made for their family. I am Thankful to have been a part of their life. 

Grandpa Charley did wood working of yard ornaments and small Barns for the Grandsons. I wish I could get a picture of some of his work, but those may be long gone. He was a humble man. He gave good hugs, sweet smiles and lots of encouragement. To this day, I miss them!!


I have been plaqued with trouble on this site. I had to change my settings so that two particular hackers could not get thru my blog into my email account. It is so frustrating the steps I have been thru. I considered closing out of QCA because of the turmoils Everyone be aware!!! It is a shame we have to deal with such issues when all we want is a "Pieceful" place to share our memories and concerns, our love for quilting and to encourage one another! Hugs to you all and Happy Quilting!

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