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Two new little quilts

I have made two more little quilts but need to tie them before they are completely done.

The larger one is 22" X 28"' and is red, white and blue "cheaters cloth' (preprinted blocks by the yard fabric) and muslin. It is machine sewn, and will be hand tied. The three layers of top, batting and muslin backing were sewn together in the "inside out" style instead of having a binding. I use a thin batting. I used 100% cotton fabric.

The 15" x 19" smaller purple and orange quilt is an alternate 3 1/4" finished pieced windmill blocks and 3 1/4" square block. It is machine pieced, will be hand tied and the three layers were also sewn together using what I call the "inside out" method rather than having a binding. It has a finished 2" border. Also has a thin batting. The fabric is 100% cotton Wal Mart's wide fabric rolls.


Published Sun, Jan 8 2012 10:47 PM by Kathy M. Boice


# re: Two new little quilts @ Monday, January 9, 2012 8:19 AM

Very cute, Kathy.

Hugs, Linda

by Linda