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Happy New Year 2012

I pray your holidays were special and your thoughts are now turning to all of those quilting projects you want to do in this new year. It seems we always say "Next Christmas I will be better prepared". Somehow we seldom  make good on those thoughts, but I really am going to try to this year. I want 2012 to be a year I make changes in my life so that I can have a better mental outlook as well as better physical health. I think quilting will be helpful in this adventure. I have also started my "Handmade Memories Binder" of things passed down from previous generations to me, that hold special memories. I am including photo's as well as tidbits of information. One recollection of my Dad's sayings is "Size doesn't mean anything, if it did, a cow could catch a rabbit!" This "Memories journal" will be a reminder to me that someday the things I do may be looked back on with cherished memories. That is one of my hopes anyways. More prayers, more sewing, and less stressing! Yep! That's the plan!! Hugs to you all!

Published Wed, Jan 4 2012 5:50 PM by Kathy M. Boice


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Great to see you back. I've missed you. I love your project! I wish I could remember all those sayings, etc. It seems I've forgotten so much; but on the other hand I can still picture in my mind many things too. Good luck with the project. Please remember the less stressing part and the more praying and sewing parts too.  Hugs, Linda

by Linda