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January 2012 - Posts

I decided to just add a border to the quilt in question. . It ended up being 58" X 74". An odd size however I am satisfied. It will be a great "sofa" quilt. Machine pieced,  Framed 16 patch block woth an 5 1/2" unfinished border. I want to attempt to quilt this on my sewing machine. Thanks for all the suggestions. And yes, as usual my cat got into the picture bottom right. Barely can see him. My Schnauzer, P.T. wanted his picture taken so here he is, too. He is 11 yrs. old, diabetic, and soooo sweet! His food stains his mouth but he still is a handsome fella!

I am just wondering what your thoughts are on the many different give aways and contests out there. I have entered several and certainly appreciate the opportunity to do so. I have found however, that many of the contests are slow to post the winners and with some, I never am able to find a post of the winners. I saw one today that made a serious, yet understandable, mistake when notifying the winner. It worked out in the end thanks to one of the two generous winners who gave a portion of her winnings to the one who was mis notified.

 I just wonder if these give aways are worth the effort? Do you sign up for as many as you can? I have won two quilting books, a journal, and one other prize and was so excited to win each time. Other times, like others are, I am disappointed. I know it is all in fun, I guess I just want to know others thoughts on this subject. BTW, good luck if you sign up for these, and my comdolences to those who don't seem to be "lucky". We are all winners by focusing on the friendships we have built through QCA and other sites. Thanks ahead of time for your comments and suggestions. and as always, Hugs!


I am working on this scrappy quilt which has twelve 16" finished, framed 16 patch blocks. The block borders are 2" finished. I am undecided as to add one border and make it a lap quilt, or add a decorative border of some sort.

 I am leaning toward the lap quilt with just adding one possibly three to four in inch border. Any suggestions??

I have made two more little quilts but need to tie them before they are completely done.

The larger one is 22" X 28"' and is red, white and blue "cheaters cloth' (preprinted blocks by the yard fabric) and muslin. It is machine sewn, and will be hand tied. The three layers of top, batting and muslin backing were sewn together in the "inside out" style instead of having a binding. I use a thin batting. I used 100% cotton fabric.

The 15" x 19" smaller purple and orange quilt is an alternate 3 1/4" finished pieced windmill blocks and 3 1/4" square block. It is machine pieced, will be hand tied and the three layers were also sewn together using what I call the "inside out" method rather than having a binding. It has a finished 2" border. Also has a thin batting. The fabric is 100% cotton Wal Mart's wide fabric rolls.


These are my favorite pot holder to crochet. Quick and easy and very functional! I use J & P Coats Speed- Cro-Sheen size 3 100% Mercerized cotton crochet thread, which is very hard to find. I have found in years past, this thread becomes available and then off the market again, so when I am able to find it, I buy it up!!  It is heavier than size 10 thread, so I adapted the pattern for this choice of thread. I have been making these 6 1/2" crocheted pot holders for about 40 years or so and often give them for gifts. I tried to sell them, but the cost of the thread was so expensive and no one would pay what I had in the cost of the thread, let alone my time. So I reserve them mostly for gifts. The cottons available now are are too soft for this pot holder.



Handmade Memories from a friend

Jimmy Medley


We have actually “potty trained” several kids on this and it hold memories in many ways. Jimmy passed away at a young age from heart trouble. He was a good friend to us.

We met Jimmy Medley when we attended First Church of the Nazarene in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Jimmy made this potty chair for me and I stained it and painted little children, etc. on it. I added an old porcelain bowl for the “pot“.


In Memory of Sarah Pruitt and Arlene Johnson


(June 13, 1942-April 13, 1996) (December 2, 1941-February 5, 2006)


My Gift from Heaven!

Two of my dear Tennessee friends both passed away with cancer. Before leaving this world, Sarah requested Arlene to make me a set of ceramic Grandpa and Grandma dolls. I had seen a set Sarah had and loved them. My son, Scott had bought Sarah a new dress for her Granny doll. He had been thru brain cancer/Tumor and we were interested in befriending Sarah as she went thru hers. I had no idea Sarah planned this gift to me. Sarah and Arlene had been friends for some time and Arlene agreed to make the dolls for me. Shortly after Sarah passed away, Arlene came knocking on my door and said she had a gift for me. It was a large box and I could not imagine what she had done. To my surprise, it was a set of “Old People” who I had adored , not quite finished and in need of clothes. Arlene proceeded to tell me that Sarah sent me this gift from Heaven. What a wonderful surprise! Arlene had done the ceramic painting and some of the assembly, but was having difficulty so I was privileged to finish them. My husband, Nelson and son Scott got me new outfits for them at a flea market in Cullman, Alabama. What a blessing these two women were in my life and I am forever grateful for their friendship and the Gift from Heaven.

 My son got me the little girl doll in between Grandpa and Grandma.

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I decided to share another special item I have. My Mother, Betty Jane Marsh Phillips, and six of her siblings lost their parents in a tradgic house fire in Gibsonburg, Ohio, when Mom was only six years old. The children were spread apart and raised by different families. My Mother went to live with an Aunt and Uncle and at age Seven, she had to milk the cows on the farm.  I am priviledge to have her milking stool, made for her by her Uncle Peter J. Neiset.  I am reminded daily of the hard times she endured and how life is so easy now.


If you follow my blog at all, you will quickly learn that my paternal Grandmother, Mamie Leota Pearl Wittenmeyer Phillips was my best inspiration in learning about crafts and so much more. She had a big heart, warm soul and a way to turn trash into treasure!! I wanted to share a special gift, a crochet dress she made for me when I was Seven years old. When each of my Grand daughters turned Seven, my plan was they would try on the dress and get their picture taken in it. One Granddaughter was growing fast and her "try on" was at age five.  I have posted a picture of this dress for your enjoyment. This special dress was crochet in 1958. Don't bother doing the math....it's old!!!


I pray your holidays were special and your thoughts are now turning to all of those quilting projects you want to do in this new year. It seems we always say "Next Christmas I will be better prepared". Somehow we seldom  make good on those thoughts, but I really am going to try to this year. I want 2012 to be a year I make changes in my life so that I can have a better mental outlook as well as better physical health. I think quilting will be helpful in this adventure. I have also started my "Handmade Memories Binder" of things passed down from previous generations to me, that hold special memories. I am including photo's as well as tidbits of information. One recollection of my Dad's sayings is "Size doesn't mean anything, if it did, a cow could catch a rabbit!" This "Memories journal" will be a reminder to me that someday the things I do may be looked back on with cherished memories. That is one of my hopes anyways. More prayers, more sewing, and less stressing! Yep! That's the plan!! Hugs to you all!