Why Members Love Their Club!

Premium Membership in Quilters Club of America is great! Here's a small collection of what QCA members just like you have told us about what they love about their premium membership:

Everything!  I have made use of the videos on demand, the discounts, and even have my daughter trying quilting thanks to Easy Quilts!!!   I really enjoy knowing that I am a part of a top of the line quilting group.  Thanks for everything!


It is hard to decide just what I like best about Quilters' Club of America because there are so many things!  Perhaps the patterns, or ideas, but the Resources for information are fantastic.  Whenever I have a question/problem, I can always find the answer through Quilters Club of America, if not the links, then the "Tips."  Thank you for a GREAT resource.

Kathleen A Levis

What I love about Quilters Club of America is that you get to communicate with so many other people that share your passion for this wonderful art form.  I love the bits and pieces of knowledge that I gain from so many other quilters and the stories behind their love of quilting. It is by far, the best forum I have come across for accessing valuable information and tips.

Melinda Skinner

I am a military wife who currently lives in Germany. Living overseas is exciting, but we also have some inconveniences. I miss all the quilting shows-QNNtv.com to the rescue!  Another "hardship" we experience is our mail takes a long time for delivery-magazines come one to three months after the fact. The e-Newsletter keeps me current on techniques, gadgets, sale items, free patterns, etc. The best thing about being a member of Quilters Club of America- it helps me feel connected to one of my loves, quilting, while living in a foreign country.  Yours truly-- 


For a person who is a beginner at this quilt making process, your website is delightful. Such a small word for all the help and confidence you give to us sewers.   Any and all directions are clearly given so that even the newest of us do not feel overwhelmed or dumb.  The online classes are so convenient and to

Have this opportunity at minimal costs is fabulous.  Thank You!!

 Kat Boswell

What I like best about Quilters Club of America is that it is my little online guild. I don't have a lot of sewing friends so it keeps me company when I am sewing. I can watch my favorite show or find a new technique and sew away!

 Jo Vandermey

What I like best about Quilter's Club of America is that someone created QCA and made it possible for all of us to belong to this growing community of quilters.  I have to honestly say that I love all the benefits offered.  I have only been quilting for about 3 1/2 years so being able to watch videos any time on Fons and Porter and QNN, the newsletters, receiving Easy Quilts and finding free patterns is just so valuable to a quilter.  To make it complete, the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of discounts offered for fabric and supplies is just fabulous.  I use my Jo-Ann's card a lot! 

 Bev Diehl

The free quilt patterns are like Christmas every month!

Jamie Dombrowsky

What is not to like!!  I'm a beginning quilter so ALL the advice, ideas, patterns, and camaraderie are what I need to keep my exploration of this art going.  I just got my membership kit today and I am SO psyched about taking advantage of everything the club has to offer.  I feel like I'm welcomed into this "sisterhood" (or "brotherhood" as the case may be) and will enjoy this relationship for a long time to come.  Thanks.

Gail Mandli, WI

The videos by all of the different quilt celebrities!  I have started taking my headphone set to work and at noon, I can hardly wait to finish my lunch.  Then, I log onto Quilters Club of America and connect to QNN TV or Fons and Porter.com to learn something new during the remaining time that I have left!  Now, I just have to find the time to try all the new techniques and ideas that I've found!

Marie Tovo

What I like best about belonging to Quilters Club of America is the tips from other quilters and just the sense of community.  I have not been a member for very long and I have yet to utilize all the benefits of membership, but I have really enjoyed the newsletters and all the good advice I have found in them.  I have also enjoyed just exploring the web site and seeing all there is to see.  I have discovered some new shops online to check out for supplies that I can't find at home at my local quilt shop.  I have highly recommended to my friends that they consider joining and enjoy all the benefits and the community that comes with it.  That by and far is the best part of the club.

Julie Arneson

My favorite part of being a Quilters Club of American member is that I love being able to access quilting information at any time of the day or night.  Where else can you take part in a sewing lesson at 2:30 a.m.!  Any information I could possibly need is just a click away.  Quilter's Club of America rocks!!!  

Terry Smith, WA

What do I like best about belonging to Quilters Club of America?  What can I say....? I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.  I've used my discounts at places like JoAnn's Fabrics and QNNtv.com is the best also.  I can bring up a video about a particular project and follow right along next to my machine as I'm watching.  There's no DVD's to store and I stop and pause as I need to "catch up" to the video, etc.  The helpful hints and tips have already saved me time (and money).  I could go on and on.  I have already gotten so much use out of the membership and I just can't say enough about it. There were so many things that I was doing the "hard way" and I have learned that there are so many ways to make quilting easier and more fun. That in itself is priceless.  When my membership runs out, I will definitely renew.  I will refer anyone into quilting to Quilters Club.  It is great and the bonuses of being a member are fantastic!

Lori Hogan - Quilters Club of America member

Here is my list. 1. QNNtv.com at my convenience, all day if I want, and some days it is. 2. Free patterns, I have downloaded many. 3. The newsletter to tell me what is new and immediate links to follow up on things I may be interested in. For me these three things make membership worth every penny even though I live in Canada and many of the coupons etc that are really attractive to quilters don't apply to me or are too expensive to order because of postage handling charges. Keep it coming.

Lyla Chipperfield

I just love all the access to quilting information!   Patterns, videos and discounts galore! 

I also like the opportunities to see designs and get to know other members.

 Pam Butler

I don't like but LOVE the videos.  They inspire me when I don't have a clue with what to do with something.  It is always fun to learn new techniques or see new "just got to have" gadgets.  I'm a visual person so the videos are really the best for me.  Keep them coming! 

Happy Stitching,  Michele Klein



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