D.C. Knitters...and really great udon noodle soup.

Posted Thu, Dec 30 2010 8:16 PM by Mary Fons

Greetings from our nation's gorgeous capital.

I'm here in D.C. with the husband, as I gave him/us a trip here for Christmas -- this is one of our very favorite places in the country and that's saying something, as we're pretty exhaustive American explorers. We went to the Military Bowl game yesterday, then saw a show at Woolly Mammoth, where I performed for a month last year. This morning we walked to Georgetown and I bought amazing tuxedo pants very much on sale (!) and then hoofed all the way to the glorious National Portrait Gallery, the museum that I would most want to live in year round. 

The food in D.C. is killer, and on my list to visit was Teaism, an absurdly delicious tea cafe that makes my soul delight and sing. The tea is extraordinary of course, but the food is almost better. Piping hot bowls of udon noodle soup will warm the cockles of your heart -- even the sub-cockles -- and the sweet potatoes, the seaweed salad, the seitan stir-fry... It's all ridonk-a-donk good and I could eat there every day if someone would let me.

While we were enjoying our meal, I noticed a group of happy knitters at a corner table. Indeed, they were a Ravelry group and seemed to be having fun. I introduced myself and asked if I could take a picture for the blog. They were sweet and agreed. I take it upon myself to extend the hand of friendship between quilters and knitters -- so many of us cross over, but there is more connecting we could/should do. 

Thanks, girls, for the picture and for hearing a bit about Quilty. Watch for the show to launch online here, at QNNtv.com, and elsewhere on the web next month. And everyone should watch this space -- we'll be migrating to a new site soon. You'll be automatically taken there when you click on the Quilter's Club link, so no need to hunt for anything new. But we'll have a pretty new layout, a dedicated space, and lots of great information and lovely news for rookie quilters. Know any?