Gloria in Excelsis.

Posted Fri, Oct 15 2010 10:27 AM by Mary Fons

Did you know that the gorgeous, talented, haunted Gloria Vanderbilt went through a big patchwork quilt phase?

She did, in the late seventies, I think. New York Magazine has a nice profile of her this week. I'm not sure the pictures of Gloria actually <i>wearing</i> a crazy quilt are on the web version, but the magazine clearly shows her swaddled in patched velvet.

Ah-ha! Here's the picture of our girl Gloria, who, by the way, is Anderson Cooper's mother. 

I shall now go to yoga and then come home to continue patching my pieces. I'm having a little trouble abutting the seams, I'll be honest. I pressed toward the dark, but that doesn't actually work when you're doing the layout I'm doing. It's got to be one this way, one that way, since I'm not flipping anything upside down. Does that make sense? 

Live, sew, learn.